Fans of SHINee’s Key donates $11K to charity on his 31st birthday


Key’s fans have contributed $11K to a charitable organization that offers care to children who have leukemia.

In the business for longer than the SHINee group has been, and accumulating an impressive fan base, the group members have had positively to their followers in each way possible.

Fans from every group take a lot of time and energy to create something to honor their idols at holidays that idols are known to celebrate.

Donating money to charity is among the most effective gifts idols can request from their fans. Shawols all over the world have expressed their gratitude for their gestures of kindness.

In the period when the Covid-19 epidemic hit several poor countries in 2020, SHINee’s fans SHINee across the globe raised a large amount of money to make donations to idols.

Shawols in action

To make their presents memorable, as Shinningee’s Key turns 31 on September 23rd The 23rd of September, his Korean fan base, known as Keyboard, gave 13.2 million won ($11,000) to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation.

Approximately four children get diagnosed with cancer each day in Korea, and about 12,000 children are treated for cancer each year.

Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation aims to provide social assistance to children who have cancer to help them get medical treatment and be able to return to their communities healthily.

As they believe that the youngest children would greatly benefit from this enormous amount, the fans have decided to donate the money to ensure that many children will get the treatment they require.

SHINee’s humanitarian deeds

The funds collected were given in an account named Key to help fund the treatment for young children’s cancer and provide proper pediatric care.

It was the seventh consecutive time that Key’s fans have donated to the charity on behalf of Key. The total donations from fans to date amount to an astounding 55 million won ($47,000).

The fans who took part in the fundraising stated: “We are happy to receive the joy we felt from SHINee’s Key. We will give strength and determination to the children, who are the future that our children will be our tomorrow.

We want to provide a source of strength for children suffering.” Key’s fans Key also celebrated Key’s birthday on Twitter by sending him a message using the hashtag #HappyKeyDay.


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