Fans of Taylor Swift question Kanye West’s plan to help

Fans of Taylor Swift seem to question Kanye West’s plan to help the pop giant regain her masters from Scooter Braun.

Kanye West swore to help Taylor Swift get her rights to her original songs again after her former record label sold it to her ex-manager. However, some fans seemed to be unconvinced of the rapper’s move.

Fans’ reactions to West’s plan to help Swift

“I’m going to personally see to it that Taylor Swift gets her masters back,” West tweeted. “Scooter is a close family friend.”

According to Celebrity Insider, one fan believed the 30-year-old singer-songwriter didn’t need any help, saying she’s a “capable woman.” “Kanye, irrespective of his mental health issues consistently shows s*xist behavior. Just stop.”

A second fan chimed in that he could only help if he could keep himself away. “Go get some help,” he said. “If Kim wants to help her husband get him to help quietly out if the public eye and stop having cameras everywhere.”

He continued that West seemed to feel pressured, clearly struggling.

A third fan seemed to come to the fashion mogul’s defense, saying he might be fixing the relationship he felt guilty about. Everybody seemed to be making fun of him today that they couldn’t see the good in his deeds.

Lastly, an Instagram user advised West to just move on with his life and leave Swift alone. “Why is he so obsessed w her? It’s very, very puzzling,” she asked.

The music artist’s contract

Recently, West shared a screenshot of a text from an anonymous person. The snap seemed to suggest he was trying to buy back his masters from his music labels at an unrevealed price.

“If Taylor [Swift] ‘s cost $300 million yours would cost a lot more, I assume,” it read.

West revealed Universal Music Group wouldn’t give him a chance to buy back his masters in his next tweets, although he’s trying.

From here, a tweetstorm began, from his comments about masters’ ownership to meeting requests to the release of contractual documents.

However, according to Complex, the agreement between an artist and the music label isn’t new at all. Not owning the masters has been a standard protocol in major label recording agreements.

Masters, or a.k.a. master recordings, is just one way for an artist to earn a royalty. In the music copyright law, all songs shall be made of a master and a composition.

The master is the physical recording, while the composition is the tune. The artist often owns the composition, but the master goes to the music label.

So, it remains to be seen if Kanye West and Taylor Swift can own their masters back.

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