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Fans open petition to remake ‘The Last of Us 2’ story


The Last of Us 2 is a financial success, and it even continues to break sales records worldwide. Despite its success, the game is steeped in controversy, and it’s fans aren’t happy with the general direction of the story.

As expected, the story of The Last of Us 2 was indeed divisive. While reviews of the game by critics were great, the title was not well-received by fans, and it even got review bombed in MetaCritic. Most of the game’s criticisms are for its story. It seems like fans are taking their qualms to a whole new level.

Petition now live

Fans are so disappointed with how the game’s story unfolded, that they actually want Naughty Dog to change it. Some fans have even gone above and beyond to start an online petition to force Naughty Dog into changing the game’s story. Fans aren’t asking for minor tweaks. In fact, they are asking for a complete remake of its story.

A petition in Change.Org made by user “Joel Miller” is actually gaining a lot of support. As of this writing, 15,204 have signed, and the goal is to get 25,000 signatures in total.

According to the petition’s description, fans want a complete overhaul of the game, which includes entire gameplay segments featuring Joel. As the initiator of the campaign argues, Joel was showcased in a lot of the trailers for the game, so he deserves to be a huge part of The Last of Us 2.

What went wrong

Based on the comments on the petition, fans are enraged that Naughty Dog killed off Joel early in the game. Players were forced to play as his killer for over 10 hours. Fans believe that the game is a massive disrespect to Joel’s character and that he deserved a better send-off.

To make matters worse, fans are angry that Ellie didn’t finish Abby at the end of the game. Many believe that this is Naughty Dog’s way of setting up a sequel or at least an expansion for the game, but they are having none of it. As the fans would put it, Joel’s death wasn’t redeemed in any way.

It’s unlikely that Naughty Dog will make the changes to The Last of Us 2. They might listen to fans, but actual action seems impossible at this point. Not only would it take more money to remake the game, but it would also make all of their efforts seem pointless as well.

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