Fans raise questions about ‘Resident Evil 9’ and other possibilities

Capcom might not have officially announced Resident Evil 9, but fans have speculated what it might look like.

Resident Evil Village is now the talk of the town. Soon as Capcom launched the game, the entire unit has made a lot of profit from the single release by far.

Starting from House Beneviento to Lady Dimitrescu, there are some serious main attraction spots of the game that truly excites all the players.

Whenever a game is buzzworthy, there is only one thing that can come off to the player’s mind: would the game be renewed for another sequel?

While Resident Evil 9 is always to happen, especially inevitable because the previous version itself gives us a little trailer about it.

Capcom has yet to confirm the release date of the ninth installation of the game. As Resident Evil 9 is in development now, but there is a lot of context and clues as to what will happen. We will go into this more and more later, as the previous installation of the game has left every player with a blank teaser that sets up a direct sequel of the game.

Will there be a sequel of the game?

Factor in the game’s success, and a follow-up is in the card for the team as fans don’t have to worry about it. On the speculation, there have been some notable leaks about the project.

Renowned RE leaker Dusk Golen posted a scoop back in April 2020 saying that Resident Evil 9 is closely tied with 7 and Village. All of these three will serve as a trilogy into the RE Franchise. Now that we have played the eighth installment of the game, we know for a fact what is going to happen and what might take place in Resident Evil 9.

Well, another thing that might be in speculation is the Resident Evil 9 story.

This is a spoiler.

If you have not yet completed Village, then now is your time to return. 

Resident Evil Village has given players a lot of options and what to expect in Resident Evil 9. The game ends with Ethan Winters blowing himself up to destroy Mother Miranda, and after she is bought to a statue, Rose is seen crying.

An end title card notes that the ‘father’s story is over, and it seems like he won’t be a hero in the sequel. In fact, there is something about Ethan’s daughter’s Rose that the players do not know.

She is a hybrid, and there are powers in her that no one knows, not even Chris. The end scene comes with Rose is doing some form of work for Chris, and she also appears to be working for their organization, even to her dismay.

All signs point to the next game starring Rose and bringing in some supernatural ailment to the game.


Image courtesy of INEGAVEL GAMER/YouTube 

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