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Fans rank the best ‘Pokemon’ games of all time


With tons of Pokemon games released over the past few decades, it is not a surprise that a wide variety of Pokemon games have dominated the hearts of the gamers.

Decades have past but the Pokemon games franchise are still going at it. There are other video game franchises that have lasted for years but none of them became as successful the way Pokemon has.

From 1996 until today, it did not only turn into a predominant TV show but also the most famous and most accomplished gaming series of all time. There are a lot of games to choose from which will make it difficult to determine which of them is the best. Luckily, this article will answer that question for everyone. Here is the list of the top Pokemon games of all time:

LeafGreen / FireRed

This game released on the Game Boy Advance is an improved remaster of the original games. However, there was only Red and Blue, right?

In the west, the first Pokemon games were named as Red and Blue. However, in Japan, the original classic games were known as Red and Green. The game boasts of widely updated graphics and the capability of trading various Pokemon from different games in the franchise.


This was regarded as one of the most awaited games of 2019. As the first title to be released on the Nintendo Switch, Sword and Shield has shown players a whole new angle on the world of Pokemon.

The Galar Region made a breathtaking setting based on the United Kingdom and players can easily waste their time in its massive Wild Area which features various rare Pokemons.

Sword and Shield features a remarkably new experience with a dynamic cast of colorful Pokemon from the previous series.


These were the first Pokemon games to be released in the video game series which were introduced to the world in the 1990s.

The game was played in an overhead view where players play as a trainer traveling around the Kanto islands to become a Pokemon master. Selling about 300 million copies across the globe, Red and Blue are awarded by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Best Selling RPG of all time”.


The award for the best Pokemon game of all time goes to Gold and Silver for the Game Boy Color. These titles were the first Game Boy Color games which featured the second generation of Pokemon.

The games were launched worldwide in 1999 and became a global trend in less than a year. Players who want to complete their Pokedex can trade Pokemon with other Gold and Silver owners as well as those who have the previous Pokemon games. Gold and Silver gained the same success of Pokemon Red and Blue. By 2010, sales of the game were rumored to reach over 23 million copies worldwide.

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