Fans to Park Chanyeol: ‘Leave EXO Now!’

After the seemingly unending cheating controversy of Chanyeol with an unknown allege ex-girlfriend, fans are now asking the rapper to leave EXO.

The issue of Chanyeol made him the top most searched term in the Korean portal Naver. This was after her alleged ex-girlfriend uploaded a lengthy message on several online communities together with photos.

The message unveiled that the girl and Chanyeol dated for quite a while now. And it took her almost three years to found out that he cheated on her with more than ten women.

The claim says that the male idol dated K-Pop girl group members. Also named were a flight attendant, a DJ, a YouTuber, a dancer, and more.

Here is what SM Entertainment has to say

SM Entertainment then broke its silence regarding the controversy and said they have “no official position” on EXO Chanyeol.

Later on, EXO-Ls began investigating the matter and examined the so-called proofs of the alleged ex-girlfriend. After the keen speculations, some fans claimed and believed that the pictures are photoshopped.

Despite the claims made by the presumed ex-girlfriend, the international EXO-Ls continue to send support and love for the idol.

However, a petition made by the Korean online community was posted asking for EXO Chanyeol’s withdrawal from the K-Pop boy group.

The stunned fans

On the Korean internet forum DC Inside, EXO Gallery, it has unveiled its opinion about the controversy, and they want the rapper to leave EXO.

The Korean fans also created a post titled “Statement urging the withdrawal of Chanyeol.” Reflected on the statement are lines about SM Entertainment’s mismanagement and failure to protect its artists with its “no official position” stand.

The fans expressed that they want to send a celebrity back to their everyday lives after a long journey together.

The fans continued, “Since the lift of the issue of Chanyeol’s personal life, SM Entertainment has made a ridiculous bearing saying that they have ‘no official position.'”

Meanwhile, EXO Chanyeol has yet issued any official statement about the allegations. With this, Korean fans agreed to make a petition to eliminate him from the boy group.

Image courtesy of KPOP Junkee/YouTube Screenshot

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