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‘Fantastic Four’ reboot: John David Washington will sign for Mr. Fantastic role


John David Washington opened up about joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and said that he’ll sign on to play Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards, in the Fantastic Four.

The actor is currently impressing Hollywood as he leads Tenet in the box office despite COVID-19 shutting down many theaters. Denzel Washington’s son is constantly in fans’ top list of superhero casting, such as in Fantastic Four.

In a recent interview, Washington said that he’s open to meeting with Marvel Studios and signing on if they want him to play Mr. Fantastic. However, the actor also said there are many superhero parts he could play as well.

“I want to stay open,” Washington said. “Maybe there are characters that haven’t been mentioned yet, or maybe even developed, that haven’t been introduced in any of the films yet.”

Tenet director Christopher Nolan said that Washington would make an “excellent” John Stewart, also known as the Green Lantern in the DC Comics franchise. The actor might even be considered for roles in Black Panther or Blade or Ghost Rider as Marvel plans to expand the MCU.

Production to start soon?

In August, Murphy’s Multiverse reported that the Fantastic Four reboot could be on its way to production. Disney apparently registered two companies — Solve Everything Productions and Grass Fed Productions — that have links to its upcoming Marvel movies. Apparently, this is a common practice for the Hollywood studio.

The report cited that Solve Everything Productions has a specific reference to a Mr.  Fantastic comic release. It’s apparently related to a story where Reed Richards receives a message to “solve everything” as he traveled to multiverses.

Marvel, however, is expectedly tight-lipped about the Fantastic Four reboot. There are no announcements for directors and writers, or even the cast just yet.

What to know about the reboot plans

Rumors of a Fantastic Four reboot surfaced in 2019 after Disney bought Fox Studios, which owned the rights to the film. Soon after, fans speculated that the Royal Family of Comics will finally get a Marvel adaptation. It comes after two unsuccessful big screen iterations of the Fantastic Four.

During Comic-Con 2019, Marvel boss Kevin Feige said that they are indeed in the pre-production phase for this movie. He said that film will become part of the MCU Phase 4 slate with a 2022 screen date.

The Fantastic Four reboot will likely introduce a significant villain in the MCU: Doctor Doom. But until Marvel confirms the casting and production details, everything remains speculation.

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