‘Fantasy Strike’ becomes free-to-play, adding two new characters as well

'Fantasy Strike' becomes free-to-play, adding two new characters as well

Sirlin Games’ 1v1 battle, Fantasy Strike, officially becomes a free-to-play title on all of its available platforms.

Currently made available on PlayStation 4, Steam, and Nintendo SwitchFantasy Strike just decided to drop its retail price to zero, and there’s also throwing in its new characters for free.

What are the free-to-play inclusions?

Sirlin Games is giving the gaming community the true meaning of “free-to-play.” All twelve characters in Fantasy Strike are up for grabs, including the two new ones—Quince and General Onimaru.

On its official website, it says, “We’re not talking about ‘one character is free, please buy the rest for $5 each.’ No, we mean all characters are immediately free online. No grinding or unlocks.”

As for the modes of play included in this new free-to-play version, these are:

  • Online Casual Play
  • Online Ranked Play
  • Practice Mode
  • Single Match vs. AI

Meanwhile, the other modes will require a paid DLC, the Core Pack. So, the Boss Rush, Arcade, Survival, Local VS, and online friend matches are playable for a price.

Which one’s are not free to play with?

There are actually three options that the devs have laid out that players can buy if they want to, but generally speaking, the title itself is yours for the taking without charge. So the first one, as already mentioned, is the Core Pack.

The second one is the new cosmetics. Added cosmetics have always been something that in-game stores offer for a price. So this isn’t much of a surprise, and no players would’ve thought that devs would’ve offered everything for free.

Third, is the Fantasy+, which is basically a battle pass. Most of the free-to-play game titles have them. Moontoon’s Mobile Legends has the Starlight, while Call of Duty: Mobile has the Battle Pass. Even Valorant has one.

With Fantasy+, players will get access to the game’s new replay system. This is very useful if players upload their games on social media. Players will be able to save replays as well and be able to watch replays of others.

Also, Fantasy+ members will have the privilege to acquire special Master Costume that can’t be purchase in the item shop. Also, players will get to see their names in the color green, which also signifies as a supporter of the devs and for their further Fantasy Strike development.

And for those who already bought the game prior to this announcement, here’s what Sirlin Games has to say:

“To everyone who already bought the game, we want you to know that you lose nothing and you gain 2 free new characters to play. We also want you to know that for other people to have all the game modes you do, they’ll have to buy the core pack. And that our founders already have 60 additional costume colors that free-to-play players don’t have.”

Meanwhile, based on the official Twitter account of the game, the servers are pulling an “Epic Games x GTA 5,” with waves of traffic flooding in. Excited players and first-time users are advised to be extra patient when acquiring the game and, more importantly, loading it.


Featured image courtesy of Fantasy Strike

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