‘Far Cry 6’ cinematic leaks ahead of Ubisoft Forward


It seems as though Ubisoft can’t get a grip on all of their upcoming games lately. After being leaked from the Hong Kong PlayStation Store, the Far Cry 6 cinematic trailer has now also leaked ahead of its Ubisoft Forward reveal.

Far Cry 6 is arguably one of Ubisoft’s most remarkable titles to be revealed at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward stream. Although there’s a lot of hype for the game, Ubisoft should be more careful with regards to leaks as a lot of the details of the game are being uncovered ahead of the reveal.

CGI trailer leaks

The CGI trailer for the upcoming game has leaked just a few days after its listing on the PlayStation Store was discovered. The good thing is that the trailer has already been pulled off online, but those that want to see it can still probably find a mirrored link somewhere.

The trailer showcases a heavily-populated city that is, currently, in distress. It will most likely be the game’s setting, called Yara. While the rest of the city is under revolt and anguish, lead antagonist Anton Castillo and his son Diego, are living the good life.

We see Diego playing inside their mansion. As Anton comes in, he hands a grenade to his son and walks him outside. There, we see the crowd that is apparently starting a revolution. Though silent, Anton seemingly encourages Anton to drop the live grenade on the crowd.

We don’t get to see whether or not Anton drops the grenade on the crowd as the trailer cuts by then. We then see the game’s leaked key art and logos, showing that it will be available for current and next-gen consoles.

What we know so far

There’s not a lot that we know about Far Cry 6 yet.

The game’s lead antagonist will be played by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito, that much we know. Based on the cinematic trailer, it seems like the game’s story will once again feature an iron-handed despot that players are going to have to take down.

Far Cry 6 will allegedly launch on Feb. 18 next year. We can expect to see the actual trailer and possibly some gameplay footage during the upcoming Ubisoft Forward stream on July 12. Along with the game, we will also get to see more of other upcoming games such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watchdogs 2, and Gods and Monsters.

Image used courtesy of Tinxi/Shutterstock

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