‘Far Cry 6’: What fans want

Ubisoft has big things planned for the upcoming Ubisoft Forward stream, and that includes Far Cry 6. What first leaked as a listing on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store has already been confirmed by the developer.

Ubisoft has officially addressed the Far Cry 6 leak with a short teaser for the upcoming game. It will arrive on Feb. 18 next year, and fans are excited about it. We’ve yet to know more about the upcoming game, but here are some things that fans want to see from it when it arrives.

A great villain

Since Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3, the series has always had a great villain that players have to go up against. In Far Cry 4, it was Pagan Min, and in Far Cry 5, it was Johnny Appleseed. All of the villains have been great so far, and fans have a lot to look forward to the next game’s antagonist.

Ubisoft has hired Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul actor Giancarlo Esposito to play a pivotal role in the upcoming game. He’s most likely going to be the villain as he is in the cover art for the title. We now know that his name will be Anton, and it will be exciting to see just how maniacal he can be.

Decisions that matter

Players can make decisions within the previous games, but the consequences and results of their actions are often felt during the last part of the game only. Hopefully, Far Cry 6 adds better story elements by letting players thrive in a world that will consider all of the actions they take in the game.

In the previous games, players will make a last-minute decision at the last part of the game. Their choice will affect the ending directly. It would be better if there will be more significant choices throughout the entire game instead of just the last portion.

Thriving world

One of the main criticisms within the last few Far Cry games was that the world felt dull to explore and that the tasks to complete in it are very similar. Ubisoft should add some variety within what players can do on the map so that they will be rewarded more by exploration.

Far Cry 6 is going to be available for the next generation of consoles next year. We’ll get to learn more about the game when it gets revealed during the upcoming Ubisoft Forward.

Image used courtesy of Ubisoft

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