‘Far Cry 6’ will feature third-person perspective, reveals narrative director


In a first for the series, Far Cry 6 will include areas of the game where a third-person perspective, as confirmed by Ubisoft itself.

Far Cry 6 will be the first of its kind in the series which will utilize a third-person view. These should feature more of their cinematics, showing more of Yara itself. As the game is trying to show its world, it’s finding novel ways to improve on its previous iterations.

Far Cry tries its best to innovate

The Far Cry series is one of the most successful titles for Ubisoft, famous for its first-person perspective. The game now has as many as five numbered titles, with the sixth on its way. There are also three spin-off titles for it, with many ways to play.

Ubisoft has also tried making different ways for players to have different types of experience. Among other things, players experienced drug-induced hallucinations and even loss of agency. There are also more things to do with every iteration.

Far Cry tried weapons jamming, going into jungles, and even tyrannical nations. These gimmicks made the games far more compelling and immersive. Now, the game is about to change things.

Narrative director notes third-person is ‘seamless’

In an interview, narrative director Navid Khavari revealed that Ubisoft is eager to utilize third-person perspective to change up the flow of the game. Far Cry 6 will use this perspective to full effect.

“In cinematics, [third person] is something the team tried early on, and it felt surprisingly seamless,” said Khavari. “It instantly felt like there was more of a connection to Dani’s journey in the world, more of a connection to this epic story in Yara.

“Players will also be able to see their character customizations in these highly-realized story beats. In Guerrilla Camps, this is also an opportunity for players to be able to see their fully customized character, everything from their backpack to their clothes.”

What all this means is players can see their character and the customizations they do. These will help players see if their creation blends in well with Yara and how it works with the world as their backdrop.

Ubisoft previously noted that they are trying to prevent a situation that is akin to Cyberpunk 2077. They are looking to innovate, but not so much that it will leave PS4 and Xbox One players behind.

Far Cry 6 will come out this October 7 on all console platforms except the Switch. The game will also show up on cloud streaming platforms like Amazon Luna and Stadia.

Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft North America/Youtube Screenshot

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