Farm gold efficiently in ‘Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition’

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will take up a lot of player’s time as there are just so many things to do in the game. Aside from the long story, thousands of side-quests, and huge explorable areas, players will also spend most of their time earning gold.

Gold is the central currency in Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive EditionIt allows Shulk and friends to buy all sorts of goodies for their adventure, but the thing is, gold isn’t easy to come by in the game. Here are some of the best ways players can earn gold in this classic RPG.

Claim the bonus for playing ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 2’

Before anything else, it’s worth noting that the developers added in a special treat for those that played Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Those with a save file from the game will be able to net a whopping 100,000G. To claim the bonus, players simply have to boot up the game for the first time.

Fight, fight, fight

The easiest way to get rich in the game fast is by simply fighting enemies. Each win will bag players a certain number of gold. For bigger purses of gold, players can try their luck against over-leveled enemies. While the challenge is difficult, the rewards are going to be worth it. Even if they do fall in battle, Shulk and friends won’t lose any gold, so it’s worth the try.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is filled with countless materials to collect. There are scattered materials throughout Mechonis and Bionis, and these can be seen through glowing harvest spots. Alternatively, players will also obtain materials from monsters in the game.

These materials are used for many things, such as crafting gems and equipment. However, if the player has an excess of one material, then it might be better off to just sell it instead of keeping hold of it.

Don’t hoard

As there are many pieces of equipment to collect, some players tend to hoard the items in the game. Not only is this a waste of inventory space, but it’s also a waste of money. Players should sell the equipment they aren’t using to make a decent profit.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is a fun game, but there’s no doubt that players will have to spend a lot of time leveling up, grinding for materials, and gold too. With enough patience, players will be able to strengthen Shulk and his friends easily.


Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube

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