‘Fast and Furious’ in space was decided 10 years ago, Seth Rogen says

The ninth installment of Fast and Furious will reportedly take place in outer space. Seth Rogen said the producers planned this ten years ago.

Two stars of Fast and Furious confirmed they’re heading into space despite no announcement from Universal so far. The studio plans to release the ninth movie on April 2021.

On Twitter, Rogen recalled that the producers, who are his friends, were “dead serious” when they talked about developing the franchise in 2010. It started as a joke, but Rogen said one of the producers wanted to do the space movie.

Ten years ago, the biggest stunts of the films were parachuting cars or submarines racing against each other. But it looks like Fast and Furious 9 will take the action to a whole level.

Michelle Rodriguez confirmed the space movie

Rodriguez, who plays Letty in the franchise, was asked about Fast and Furious 9 in space in an interview with Sirius XM. The actress was surprised that the hosts of the podcast knew the premise of the upcoming film.

“People start talking behind the scenes, man. When a movie doesn’t come out and forget about it, things get out,” the actress said. “Nobody was supposed to know that!”

Rodriguez also confirmed that her character would be one of those flying off the earth in Fast and Furious 9. However, she didn’t give up a clear detail of the storyline.

In July, Ludacris, who plays Tej Parker, hinted about the setting during another interview with Sirius XM. As the hosts tried to guess that space might be involved, the actor and rapper laughed and said they had guessed “something very important.”

Fast and Furious writer Chris Morgan told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview before filming started that he will never shoot down a space idea. As long as the story hits the criteria that embrace the franchise, then he’s down for it.

Sidelined by the pandemic

Filming for Fast and Furious 9 took place in June 2019 in England, Thailand, and Los Angeles. Principal photography wrapped up in November. The film originally had a May 2020 release date. However, due to the pandemic, Universal decided that the movie will screen in theaters in April 2021.

The synopsis of the upcoming installment features a face-off between Jakob (John Cena), the younger brother of Dominic (Vin Diesel). Fast and Furious 9 follows a revenge theme and also stars Tyrese Gibson, Jordana Brewster, and Nathalie Emmanuel. Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron have special appearances. A 10th movie, on the other hand, is already in the plans.


Image courtesy of Universal Pictures/YouTube

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