‘Fast and Furious: Spy Racers’ season 3: Echo is better spy than Tony Toretto

Fast and Furious: Spy Racers season 3 might be a long way still from arriving on the small screen. However, fans are now speculating that Echo is a better spy than Tony Toretto.

Based on the Fast and Furious film, the series follows a group of kids who becomes undercover to expose a criminal organization. The second season recently dropped on  Netflix and ended in a cliffhanger.  Now, Fast and Furious: Spy Racers season 3 will lead the  Tony Toretto and his team on another deadly mission.

Season 2 reveals Echo is the better spy

Dom’s cousin, Tony Toretto, is the leader of the group and considered the best spy. However, a lot of factors seem to point to Echo as the better spy. Although Echo stands beside Tony as a supporting member of the team, she has the experience and strategizing skills.

Back in Brazil, Echo has shown her true skills when they try to retrieve a chemical formula. Echo can defeat a lot of their enemies because of her Martial arts skills. At the same time, she knows her way to driving cars in the most treacherous courses. While Ms. NoWhere has become a hostage by Rafaela’s gang, she puts on her warrior self to save her.

Furthermore, she can ride a bike which gives her the edge against Tony, who helplessly clung at the back as they flee from enemies. Echo is the real deal when it comes to handling weapons, cars, and planning. Thus, it would not be a surprise if Ms. NoWhere will recruit her in season 3.

“Fast and Furious: Spy Racers” season 3 plot details

It was not easy for Tony and his friends to defeat Rafaela’s mind control operation. And yet, stronger enemies will likely emerge in the third installment. Having to succeed in their mission in Rio, they are now expected to tackle international assignments. Just like the film, the animated series will take the viewers to different locations around the world.

To recall, Rafael has taken control of Ms. NoWhere’s spy plane and has also possessed the Interpol data. Thus, season three might take the spy racers to retrieve the data.

Season 3 release date

While fans are now hoping for a third installment, Netflix has not yet announced its renewal. On top of that, DreamWorks and Netflix’s deal has already drawn to a close, and fans are now skeptical about a renewal. However, if the second season performs well on the streaming service, there’s a big possibility that Netflix will renew the series.


Image Courtesy of Netflix Futures/YouTube Screenshot

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