FaZe Clan cut ties with FaZe Barker after allegations emerged

FaZe Clan cut ties with FaZe Barker after allegations emerged

Controversies continue to loom the famed eSports organization, as FaZe Clan makes headlines once again after dropping lead editor Barker from the team.

Last week, Micky News previously reported that FaZe Clan allegedly booted FaZe Rain from the eSports house, after the release of a controversial YouTube video featuring the pro player breaking down and revealing internal disputes.

This week, another member takes the spotlight as media outlets report another member getting kicked out from the famed gaming clan. Accordingly, FaZe Clan’s lead video editor, nicknamed FaZe Barker, was dropped by the organization after getting involved in a series of allegations.

Who is FaZe Barker?

For those who are not aware, FaZe Barker is the clan’s lead video editor and is responsible for the best-known “sniping montages” from the clan members’ recorded Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game highlights, back in the day.

He is, reportedly, “one of the longest-serving employees” of FaZe Clan, and has over 150,000 YouTube subscribers on his channel.

Despite having a long history with the eSports organization, he was cut off of any official affiliation from them on June 6. The clan’s official Twitter account for FaZe-related updates tweeted an official statement regarding their relationship with FaZe Barker.

The tweet reads:

“We have ended our relationship with Barker, one of our former team editors. He no longer has any association with FaZe Clan.”

The reason behind the chord-cutting

Media outlets do claim that there wasn’t any official reason revealed by FaZe Clan, as to why they chose to drop Barker from their organization. Although many of their avid fans already have an idea.

The announcement came after multiple accusers pinpoint the former FaZe editor for malicious misconduct. Per Essentially Sports, several women came out and exposed Barker of his “behavior” to them.

The allegations were done on Twitter, where a woman named Emelie posted a number of tweets, bearing screenshots of conversations involving Barker. The following tweets reveal lewd messages allegedly coming from the English YouTuber.

Other victims also reached out to Emelie, revealing their traumatic experience with the former FaZe member. One conversation was highlighted because it allegedly involves a 16-year-old minor.

Based on Essentially Sports’ report, “an ambulance and a police car were sent to Barker’s home last night over the news that Barker was set to harm himself.” Nevertheless, he is said to be fine.

However, the former FaZe lead editor will reportedly go to trial for the allegations slapped against him. Although, it is important to note that aside from the claims on Twitter, there is no other proof confirming Barker’s supposed misconduct.

So readers are advised to take extra caution on the reports they read. As the media outlet puts it, “innocent until proven guilty.”


Featured image courtesy of FaZe Clan/ Facebook

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