FaZe Clan president exits to form more diverse organization—XSET

FaZe Clan president exits to form more diverse organization—XSET

New waves of headlines spotlight FaZe Clan once again. Now, with its president leaving the famed eSports organization to form a more diverse team of gamers.

FaZe Clan has recently been in the center of a series of issues as of late. The last with FaZe Rain getting booted after uploading a video of himself having a mental breakdown, revealing some internal issues.

FaZe Clan was founded in 2010 for the purpose of forming a professional eSports organization. The scope of games that the members play and compete for expanded over time, from playing Call of Duty to adding Fortnite, PUBG (both for PC and mobile), Rainbow Six Siegeto name a few—and now Valorant.

The group then grew to be a “multipronged media company,” per The New York Timesas the eSports pro players slowing becoming social media influencers.

Looking for less “frat house”-looking group of gamers

Per the online publication, “several top executives” of FaZe Clan are leaving to build XSET. This includes FaZe president Greg Selkoe who has been with the organization for two and a half years.

Accordingly, Selkoe is seeking for a more diverse group of individuals to form an organization that will be “built on the principles of inclusivity and social good.” This is reportedly coming from the recent events involving racial injustice and criticisms that mistreats women (girl gamers)  in the gaming industry.

In a statement quoted by The New York Times, Selkoe emphasized, “Gamers are from all walks of life and all backgrounds. But if you look at the current organizations, they sort of resemble a frat house. They’re not reflective of the racial and gender diversity in the gaming world.”

This is where XSET will fill the “huge void” for today’s gaming marketplace.

Who joined Selkoe in XSET?

Esports Insider reveals that Clinton Sparks (VP of Business Development) and Wil Eddins (VP of Apparel) are tagging along Selkoe in the hopes to build XSET.

Although the news came as a surprise to many, it turns out, per the gaming media outlet, Selkoe’s exit was set in stones since May. However, Sparks and Eddins’ resignation letters reportedly came just this week.

Current CEO of FaZe Clan, Lee Trink, wishes Selkoe “the best in his next endeavor,” after highlighting that he was an asset to the organization.

As of this writing, XSET has recruited three female gamers, with the hopes of reaching out to the L.G.B.T.Q. and people of color communities to fully diversify their team.

With FaZe Clan being dominated by men, Trink welcomes anyone who can help them address this matter. Nevertheless, they’ve taken some steps to fix this.


Featured image courtesy of FaZe Clan/Facebook

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