FBI is investigating match-fixing in ‘Counter-Strike’

Esports Integrity Commission, alongside the FBI, is working on a case regarding match-fixing in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

EIS is working in partnership with several US authorities, such as the FBI, to investigate match-fixing in the Counter-Strike title.

‘Counter-Strike’ match-fixing case details

Esports Integrity Commission’s commissioner Ian Smith revealed the case while talking to YouTube channel Slash32.

He told about the ongoing investigation about a “relatively small but significant group of players” who organized match-fixing for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It happened during North America’s Mountain Dew League.

As per Mr. Smith, the fixing ran for a considerable period.

He also added that players were “bribed by outside betting syndicates to fix matches.”

It was done on a large scale, in an organized manner, and for a more extended time.

He said that they are working with law enforcement and the FBI.

“They’re good, but they’re inexperienced because sports betting has never been a big thing in America until recently, so everybody’s finding their feet on that one.”

Gaming is a vast and one of the fastest-growing industries these days. But it is also vulnerable to a lot of suspicious and unlawful situations.

Many players are falling for attractive scams and activities, such as the current Counter-Strike Global Offensive case.

The growing number of illegal gaming activities

Match-fixing isn’t the only act, however, in which the gamers and people are indulging themselves. Another concern, which is quite common for any game nowadays, is cheating.

It has flourished chiefly in many popular online multiplayer games such as Call of Duty Warzone and PUBG.

Developing teams behind such major titles have now started taking a strict approach against all the hackers. Especially those who use cheating tools extensively in high-ranked Battle Royale encounters.

Recently, many Warzone players were banned and removed from playing the game as per the makers’ anti-cheat policy. Took a similar action last year as well.

The number of such participants has increased immensely in the last four years after the multiplayer genre’s colossal surge. As a result of this, many individuals try to outperform their rivals, no matter what.

Gamers tend to use tricks and sometimes illegal tools while playing an online match.

Eventually, they end up having the upper hand over other regular players who can’t compete as they become confused while not knowing (most of the time) that another person is a hacker or cheater.

Coming back to Counter-Strike Global Offensive, then the FBI’s involvement will surely help find more evidence. The EIS will be hoping for a positive outcome after the entire investigation.


Image courtesy of Throneful/YouTube Screenshot

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