Features that ‘Valorant’ desperately needs

Valorant is already fully launched, and overall reception on the game has been mixed so far. The good thing is that the title is a work in progress, meaning that there will be major additions down the pipeline.

The Valorant community has already voiced out their opinions as to what features the game is lacking. Riot Games has been very active when it comes to reaching out to the community. In due time, these requests might be heard, and the developers could add in these wanted features soon.

A replay or POTG system

The skills of the agents and the gunplay in the shooter produce some pretty outstanding plays from the community. Sadly, most of the plays are one-shot events that if players miss, they won’t get to see again unless they record their gameplay.

This is one of the reasons why players want a replay system in the game. This would allow them to see where they went wrong, and it allows them to improve their skills in the game. If not a replay system, Riot Games should add a Play of the Game system similar to Overwatch so that great plays are always rewarded.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is one of the most requested modes in the game, and the good news is that Riot Games is already working on it for Valorant. However, the developers do admit that it will be some time before the mode is implemented into the game.

As the game and the agents are designed for modes like bomb defusal and Spike Rush, the developers need to make some important adjustments before a Team Deathmatch mode becomes viable in the game.

In-Game Tournaments

Riot Games should take a page out of its own book and hold in-game tournaments for the shooter. The Clash events in League of Legends allow the community to participate in in-game tournaments that reward those who come out on top with amazing prizes.

If Riot Games wants to ensure that the community will progress skill-wise, adding in-game tournaments may be the way to do so. Moreover, this will encourage more players to become better in the game.

Valorant is expected to change drastically within the coming months and years through content updates. Aside from new modes, agents, and maps, it seems likely that the developers are going to improve the game further with some much-needed quality of life adjustments.


Image used courtesy of Valorant/YouTube

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