Fee-free: the best way to turn your crypto into cash in Australia

Fee-free: the best way to turn your crypto into cash in Australia

CoinJar’s new mobile app for iOS launches today with fee-free conversions on Swipe Card.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019: Cryptocurrency will be easier than ever before to buy, sell, spend and send with the launch of leading Australian digital currency company CoinJar’s new mobile app for iOS.

With a reputation for having the cleanest and most user-friendly interface in the industry, CoinJar’s new mobile app is a complete redesign from its predecessor, CoinJar Touch, and includes access to a free CoinJar Swipe cryptocurrency debit card with fee-free conversions.

CoinJar CEO Asher Tan says the launch of the new mobile-first platform reflects the change in market conditions and growing mainstream interest.

“Our new app is designed for the future of digital currency; it is only a matter of time before it will be used beyond investing, and just like fiat currency, Australians will need their own digital currency accounts,” Tan says.

With full integration between the platform and CoinJar Swipe – the most efficient and cost-effective off-ramp to turn crypto in cash in Australia – Australians will have access to instant and fee-free conversions of digital currency into cash in person at any ATM or anywhere that accepts EFTPOS.

“With this mobile-first update we’ve focussed on accessibility in helping people move between traditional finance and digital assets better with fee-free off-ramp conversions through our Swipe card.”

CoinJar’s new platform is an Australian first, making cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, XRP and litecoin easier than ever to be acquired by everyday Australians.

Standout features of the mobile app include real-time price charts, daily and threshold price alerts, fast buying and selling, transparent transaction history, multiple wallet management, and in-house support.

Tan says that the features make CoinJar the best way for Australians to manage their digital currency.

“The new redesign uses the latest technology available to provide an objectively better digital currency account with a seamless user interface making it the best onramp/offramp choice for Australians,” Tan says.

The new CoinJar app for iOS is now available on the App Store with a CoinJar Swipe card currently available for free if ordered through the app.

 About CoinJar

CoinJar is Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and Zcash. Their most popular products include the CoinJar wallet for simple buy/sell and storage, CoinJar Exchange for advanced digital currency trading and the CoinJar Swipe cryptocurrency debit card.

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