Feel the inundated power with these ‘Animal Crossing’ ‘One Punch Man’ costumes

Model protagonist for one of New Horizons One Punch Man costumes

Ever wondered what it feels like to become the strongest character in all of anime-dom? And in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, no less?

That notion is more of wishful thinking than a reality. But you can at least cosplay your way to donning a surging power through any of these One Punch Man costumes.

Not Your Average Hero

While seemingly over-the-top, that level of description is no joke.

When the portrayal of most heroes in anime is often that of a struggler, One Punch Man does it at the most opposite. The protagonist, Saitama, is so overpowered, he can literally one punch his way to most battles.

And that description does not only concern weak enemies but real tough and strong bosses, too.

While the topic of whoever is stronger between Saitama and Goku is a matter of dispute, the former nonetheless earns his reputation. He is so overwhelming in the anime and manga, his very existence is beyond unconventional and borders the absurd.

Fortunately, cosplaying as One Punch Man’s hero in Animal Crossing does not necessarily grant the same level of power he possesses.

But that is a good thing because it does not have its use. Unless you are the type who likes destruction and that New Horizons’ island is the playground for you.

As a caveat, though, the list is currently very short at the moment. Like, ‘2 costumes’ sort-of-short.

If you’re expecting a longer list, then we may have to wait it out a little longer for something new to pop up.

In the meantime, enjoy the following costumes based on the popular anime, One Punch Man.

Saitama Hero Costume

If you have seen the manga or the anime, then you’ve probably viewed Saitama in two of his costumes—his casual self and his heroic self. What better way to illustrate the protagonist therefore than the latter?

  • Saitama: MO-BL3C-Q00J-QNHN

One Punch Man is an anime that is known for its humor. Nowhere is some of its jokes more conspicuous than in imagery that points to design that’s sensitive. In this case, a literal depiction of a ‘breast’ as painted on a hoodie.

  • Saitama Hoodie: MO-DNJ0-5GG2-C17W


Genos is among One Punch Man’s strongest heroes and is most notable for his robotic build. If you have never known the character before, then you might think that this costume merely incorporates metallic plates for sleeves. This is literally Genos having arms made somewhat purely out of metal.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Gamespot Universe Trailers

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