Female protagonists in video games are changing the outlook of the industry

The female protagonist is the talk of the town and changing the outlook of the video game industry.

Sony has recently premiered its trailer for Horizon Forbidden West. It is one of the most anticipated follow-ups from 2017’s release Horizon Zero Dawn, a Guerilla Games brainchild.

Since the game’s release, this game has been the talk for many critics as everyone has their personal views to share about the gameplay. The gameplay does not set the norm of the video gaming industry since it is based on a world overrun by prehistoric machines.

But there is something about the game that every fan has to admit: the game’s female protagonist, Aloy, won everyone’s heart with the unique action sequence of the game.

The video game industry has been men-centric

Particularly when channeled to the video gaming industry, we have only seen a handful of games that channel women as their prime protagonists. Otherwise, it has always been a man facing all the challenges and meeting the goals while they are armed.

Lara Croft was one of the most prominent games in the industry, which shared the idea that a lady protagonist is as strong as a male. Tracing back to Aloy, she is a hunter in the dystopian world, and her build quite slim and sturdy as she is modeled on Danish actress Hannah Hoekstra.

In the snippets which are shared from the Forbidden West game, it shows that Aloy has a much muscular frame. Something that has become a topic of debate is the alteration of design made on Aloy.

The debate on Aloy shows the mindset of some players

Some of the fans oppose the idea of Aloy having a muscular frame, while others do pretty much like it. Some have even suggested that since Aloy is a beautiful woman, she should have a more feminine cut that can be aesthetic to the others who have asserted that muscle mass is not realistic.

The video game industry is mostly dominated by the male population, even though many girl gamers are finding their way through. This is because of a ton of factors.

First of all, girls have always been subjected to harsh treatment whenever they share the screen of their gameplay on popular platforms such as Twitch. Comments regarding their usage of controls. Having lesser knowledge of the game is something that rises now and then.


Image courtesy of Smasher/YouTube

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