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FFXIV ‘Moogle Treasure Trove’ Event goes live, lasts until next patch


Final Fantasy XIV is once again rolling Moogle Treasure Trove that coincides with an event that gives players the chance to earn unique rewards throughout its entirety until the next major patch arrives.

The Moogle Treasure Trove is a recurring campaign in Final Fantasy XIV where players can engage in quests and raids for tomestones. Tomestones are stackable items gathered only during the event that can be traded for an event-exclusive equipment and mount.

Dubbed ‘The Hunt for Law,’ an ongoing event renders players the ability to earn ‘Irregular Tomestones of Laws’—the event’s unique currency.

Players can engage the event by navigating through the Duties section of the game’s interface. Made apparent by the presence of a Moogle icon beside it in the Duty Finder log.

Team-Focused Event

The events, however, are designed to be played in groups due to the nature of the tasks. Coincidentally, parties that are undersized or are not level-synced are not entitled for the tomestones reward at the end of each ‘Duty’.

To get up to speed with what reward does each duty gives per completion, refer to the following:

  • The Praetorium (Lv. 50 dungeon)

Reward: 10 Tomestones of Law

  • The Orbonne Monestary (Lv. 70 raid)

Reward: 7 Tomestones of Law

  • Castrum Meridianum (Lv. 50 dungeon)

Reward: 7 Tomestones of Law

  • The Ridoranna Lighthouse (Lv. 70 raid)

Reward: 6 Tomestones of Law

  • The Royal City Of Rabanastre (Lv. 70 raid)

Reward: 5 Tomestones of Law

  • Aurum Vale (Lv. 47 dungeon)

Reward: 5 Tomestones of Law

  • Hidden Gorge (Lv. 30 PvP)

Reward: 5 Tomestones of Law

  • Cutter’s Cry (Lv. 38 dungeon)

Reward: 4 Tomestones of Law

  • Sunken Temple of Qarn (Lv. 35 dungeon)

Reward: 3 Tomestones of Law

  • The Stone Vigil (Lv. 41 dungeon)

Reward: 3 Tomestones of Law

  • Dzaemel Darkhold (Lv. 44 dungeon)

Reward: 3 Tomestones of Law

Eyes on the Prize(s)

Although an event made for everybody, this is more so for the average in-game collectors of gears. To those who would eagerly participate in the event are entitled to get a rare Mameshiba Handerchief—a mostly aesthetic accessory that mixes a dog and a hanky, priced at 100 tomestones.

Further, other notable prizes to claim during the event includes mounts, namely Ixion, Reveling Kamuy, and Demonic Lanner. Those, in addition to two orchestra rolls, namely Rise of the White Raven and Unspoken.

Lastly, players would also be able to claim a pair of Qiqirn earrings and some A Realm Reborn zones Riding Maps.

For a comprehensive list of acquirable items during the event, check out Square Enix’s official page.

Meantime, players have until early July 2020 to enjoy the entirety of the campaign.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/Final Fantasy XIV

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