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Field of View gives ‘Call of Duty Warzone’ PC players unfair advantage


A Call of Duty Warzone video has gone viral on YouTube. The video shows how PC players have a better “Field of View” when playing the game.

Call of Duty Warzone console players were hesitant against cross-platform gameplays. It is because of certain advantages PC players have in various elements in competitive games.

In a recent comparison video uploaded on YouTube, console players have proven once again that PC players have leverage over them.

Crossplay problems

While the developers have provided the option to not use crossplay, it is only available for PlayStation 4 gamers. It puts Xbox gamers at a greater disadvantage. Lately, console players have decided to turn off the crossplay feature to avoid uncontrollable PC cheaters.

However, this resulted in prolonged matchmaking queues or not being able to find a match at all. In addition, players also experience high pings that result in intolerable lag whenever they play with crossplay disabled.

While both PC and console players still encounter cheater from time to time, there are various other factors that provide PC players an advantage in Call of Duty Warzone.

PC players have the advantage

First, using a mouse and a keyboard gives PC players more accuracy compared to console players.

Additionally, PC users can also play at high frame rates because they can change the game’s setting to above 60 frames per second. Now, a YouTube video uploaded by eVCephei shows that PC users also have a wider field of vision (FOV) in contrast to console players.

Better FOV

For people who don’t know FOV, it is defined by the overall area, which is visible to the screen when playing.

A better FOV means players will have wider scope in terms of vision on screen. In the viral video, an enemy can be spotted on top of the screen for PC users. However,  the enemy can’t be seen by console players because they have lower FOV.

The option of adjusting the FOV is only available for the PC version of Call of Duty. It means console users have no choice but to stick to the default FOV.

Most games playable in the console don’t give players the ability to change their graphical settings. That is because developers are maximizing the graphical standard of consoles.

It guarantees factors that usually cause distractions in the game are being kept at a minimum. With these in mind, Infinity Ward should consider improving the FOV for Call of Duty Warzone console players for Season 4.

Featured image courtesy of Keirz/Youtube Screenshot

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