‘Final Fantasy 14’ breaks concurrent record on Steam


Final Fantasy 14 broke its Steam concurrent record yet again, peaking at a solid 47,542, not counting the accounts outside of the digital storefront.

FF14 is gaining renewed vitality from the community. According to SteamDB, it’s 47,542 came on Independence Day, July 4. These numbers are explainable through a number of factors that pushed more players towards the game.

FF14 gains players from WoW lull

FF14 is receiving a resurgence recently. The previous concurrent player count was at 41,200, which came during the Shadowbringers expansion. The next expansion, Endwalker, is not coming until November this year.

There are several potential reasons for this spike in the number of players. According to the piece from PCGamer, the surge likely comes from World of Warcraft players.

Until recently, WoW took its sweet time to do the next update, which bored many high-ranking players. WoW streamers like AsmonGold already did the move to FF14, bringing with them a good chunk of their following.

The long lull from Warcraft gave players a reason to jump ship. Chains of Domination came out only recently, so players had to wait long enough. The lack of content was likely enough to push players towards a different game.

It also helps that FF14 is getting easier and easier to digest as it releases its expansion. It’s interesting, however, how many of these potential players will come back to WoW.

Final Fantasy can continue its hot streak

Final Fantasy 14 is gaining more and more ground in Steam. The game is likely gaining even more outside the storefront. Considering the Steam version is only available in North America, more players outside the continent will likely play it.

The title can expand even more if it tries to grow beyond its current availability. For starters, FF14 is only available in select countries, excluding a good chunk of other countries. These include much of intercontinental Asia, which are among the biggest spenders.

FF14 is already trying to get more players in. Those who want to play the game can try it up to Level 60. This much goes as far as A Realm Reborn, which will then prompt players to buy the expansions.

So far, Endwalker will bring many additional features into the game. Among those include some new races and new locations, including the Loporrits race and Old Sharlayan.

Final Fantasy 14 is growing steadily as the months go by. Whether this lasts is up to anyone’s guess, considering Chains of Domination is out again. More news will likely come out in the months to come.

Featured image courtesy of Final Fantasy XIV/Youtube Screenshot

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