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‘Final Fantasy 4’ silently celebrates its 29th anniversary


Final Fantasy 4 silently celebrated its 29th anniversary over this weekend. July 19th marks the game’s near three-decade span and its various ports.

Final Fantasy 4, known as Final Fantasy 2 in the US, is among the best in the franchise. While it’s no Final Fantasy 6 or FF7, its story is still among the best. It helped cement the position of Final Fantasy as one of the best video games ever.

FF4 follows a motley crew of warriors

FF4 follows the story of Cecil Harvey, a dark knight and the captain of an elite fighting force. He serves the king of Baron together with his best friend, the dragoon captain Kain. Among others, both go on a quest to stop the machinations of the sorcerer Golbez.

Golbez is a nasty character, seeking power through his sorcery to destroy the world. Cecil gets to have a ton of allies, creating a roster of a dozen characters to fight the sorcerer. The story starts with Cecil stripped of his rank and unknowingly starting a catastrophe.

From here, Cecil and his allies go on a quest to keep the magic crystals. They fight against an entire kingdom, trying to get them away from Golbez. With a growing number of supporters, Cecil and Kain fight against the odds.

Their motley crew of warriors of magicians tried to fight against the odds to save the world. The entire game is a tale not only of heroism but also of atonement and regret.

FF4 redefined the RPG genre during its release

Final Fantasy 4 is among the most celebrated games in the franchise. The game has a total of 10 ports to different platforms, apart from its original SNES release.

FF4 also received a 3D remake on the Nintendo DS. This move was in celebration for the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy back in 2007. Its latest release came for the New 3DS’ virtual console back in 2017.

Like many RPG titles during its time, the game received critical acclaim upon release. Its intriguing story captivated fans, and it was “the standard of excellence” in its time. Even now, the game still has a strong fanbase.

What made FF4 compelling was its coherent plot and empowered characters. Everyone showed nuance when they had to, and fortitude when they need to do so. The entire game redefined how the RPG genre should work around stories.

Final Fantasy 4 is on its 29th anniversary, and it’s a superb title. The game is a legend for a reason, and its legacy is something players should fondly look back.

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