Xbox Game Pass to add seven new games to its service

Xbox Game Pass to add seven new games to its service

Seven new games are coming soon on the Xbox Game Pass library. Microsoft’s video game subscription will add titles like Final Fantasy HD but will lose a few others.

Xbox Game Pass will add two console-exclusive titles and five others for PC and console. Among the titles coming as console-only include Darksiders: Genesis, and Man of Medan. Some PC and console titles will include the Final Fantasy 7 HD and Xeno Crisis.

Xbox to add Man of Medan and Darksiders: Genesis

The Xbox Game Pass is becoming a robust offering for PC and console gamers. Game Pass for PC, for example, is a neat US$5[AU$6.95] subscription that opens a library of hundreds of games. It even gets better in September once xCloud for mobile comes to the service.

So far, there are seven new titles coming—two console-only and five for PC and consoles. The games on the way are solid picks, adding more value to the service.

For starters, the console-exclusives will include Darksiders: Genesis and Man of Medan. Darksiders: Genesis is one of the best top-down hack and slash titles from last year. It acts as an origins title right before the mainline titles take place.

Man of Medan is a solid first offering from The Dark Pictures Anthology. The survival horror acts as an interactive drama and feels as good as Until Dawn. The five other titles coming to both PC and console, however, add the most value.

FF7 HD goes in for Game Pass, DMC5 to leave

Five games will come to the Xbox Game Pass for PC and console. These titles include Final Fantasy 7 HD, Trailmakers, It Lurks Below, Xeno Crisis, and UnderMine.

It Lurks Below is a side-scrolling RPG that is the brainchild of Diablo dev David Brevik. The game feels like a cross between Terraria’s aesthetics and Diablo’s gameplay.

Trailmakers is a vehicle building creative sandbox title. It allows players to create a bevy of cars, planes, and everything in between. The title plays like Besieged but for modern vehicles.

Xeno Crisis is a 16-bit style arena shooter that feels plays a lot like Smash TV. It’s frenetic and also a ton of fun for fans of retro arcade titles. UnderMine is an action-adventure roguelike that plays like Binding of Isaac.

The best game of the bunch coming to the Game Pass is Final Fantasy VII HD. The game needs no introduction, and this is an excellent opportunity for those who missed it. Microsoft has a full list of all its upcoming additions on its official website.

Some titles are also going away from the service on August 14. These include Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Space Hulk: Tactics. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine and Yoku’s Island Express will also leave the Xbox Game Pass.

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