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‘Final Fantasy 7 remake’ hits 5 million copies sold


Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a moneymaker, as Square Enix confirms hitting 5 million units sold. Four months after its PS4 release, the game is a bonafide bestseller.

The hype around Final Fantasy 7 Remake was real, as the game is a stellar title. The title sold 3.5 million copies on its first three days too. These figures include digital sales and copies shipped to current retailers.

FF7 Remake is Square Enix’s bestselling digital game ever

Square Enix broke the news this weekend, noting that FF7 remake is its top title. It’s the studio’s bestselling digital game on any platform ever, which says a lot. The company has other blockbusters in its PS4 rosters like FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3.

At the height of the pandemic in April, Final Fantasy 7 was topping the NPD charts. All this after the game only released on a single platform. Many gamers are still waiting for it to hit the PC, which will likely boost the game’s sales further.

The remake is an excellent recreation of the first part of the legendary FF7 on PSX. The gameplay received a good overhaul while keeping many of the game’s good points. It also puts a low poly game from 1997 into the glorious 3D of today.

The game is not yet finished, with Square Enix confirming part two is on its way. According to FF7R dev Tetsuya Nomura, the next sections will come out in chunks. The idea is to have the following parts shorter to ship them faster too.

PC release makes sense as next move for Square Enix

Final Fantasy 7 remake has no signs of stopping. There are many more things that Square Enix can do with the franchise to keep it rolling.

First, the smart move is to release the game on PC. Japanese game devs are notorious for releasing games only on PS4 and Switch. Other game companies like Atlus received renewed success through the platform.

For example, Personal 4 Golden received a ton of success once it opened up to PC. The FF7 remake is looking at a similar process and will likely enjoy better sales. Episodic content is also nothing new to PC gamers.

Compared to most platforms, PC can accommodate more episodic content as DLC. It also has enough storage and likely the processing power to run the game. Playing the FF7 remake in 4K60fps in a 144hz monitor is an excellent incentive for gamers.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is on sale at the moment, with a hefty 34% discount. The deal is the lowest the game has ever come, pushing it to US$40 [AU$55.95].

Images courtesy of FINAL FANTASY/Youtube Screenshot

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