‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ developers want to release game ASAP

Square Enix is already working hard in developing the next part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Though we’ve yet to hear about a release frame for the game, the developers want us to know that they want it released ASAP.

When the original Final Fantasy 7 was released, it was a huge game spread across three discs on the PlayStation. Considering Square Enix’s grand ambitions and additions for the Final Fantasy 7 Remakeit’s no longer surprising that the remake is going to have multiple parts. The first part was a hit, but when will the second game arrive?

Devs want it out ASAP

The team behind the game recently spoke with Famitsu regarding current updates and their plans for the second part. Of course, a part of the discussion was about the release of the next part.

Game director Tetsuya Nomura understands that Square Enix wants the game to release as soon as possible. However, he also understands that the game needs to be polished before it launches. Nomura notes that he wants the sequel to be far better than the first game. On this light, he asks the fans of the game for a little patience.

He adds that when the next game gets announced, it will be more clear as to whether or not there’ll be another one in the works. For now, all we know is that there’s a second part, but we’ve yet to know exactly how many parts there are. Considering that there’s still a lot of story Final Fantasy 7 Remake hasn’t tackled yet, we could be looking at at least two more games.

What’s next?

The first game ended with Cloud and friends outside of Midgar. It was a vague ending, but from what fans can tell, it seems like a lot of the story is different in the sequel. Some theories suggest that the remake happens on a different timeline.

The sequel focuses more on Cloud and friend’s journeys to other parts of the world. We’ll most likely meet other characters such as Cid, Yuffie, Vincent, and more in the future.

The next part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is highly anticipated, and we’re sure that fans want to get their hands on in ASAP as well. However, we must consider that Square Enix is working on something big, so having it rushed could result in a faulty sequel.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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