‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake Limit Breaks: Unlock the game’s best moves

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has just hit the stores last week. Here is a detailed guide on how to use the game’s ultimate moves called “the Limit Break.”

There are many factors in the Final Fantasy franchise that makes them unique from other entries, and one of them is Limit Breaks. This move serve as the ultimate attacks for each character.

With the new move, it will definitely change the tide of even the most difficult battles. However, triggering these moves requires patience and a lot of skill in order to pull them off.

Triggering Limit Breaks

Since Limit Breaks are really powerful, the game does not allow the players to execute these moves whenever fit. Instead, it will test the user’s patience in order to access them in the game.

A little yellow meter bar is located at each of the characters’ icon at the bottom right of the screen. This gauge will slowly fill itself and once it’s full, players will have the ability to trigger that particular character’s Limit Break. The question is how can players fill up this gauge?

Two ways to increase the Limit Break gauge is by taking damage from enemies and by putting enemies in Stagger condition. Once it is filled up, the game will allow players to choose an additional command on the menu that is labeled simply as Limit Break.

Each character has a second level Limit Break in the game, so ensure to unlock these skills in order to use the strongest Limit Breaks throughout the game.

Unlocking Limit Breaks

Each character has one Limit Break equipped by default. These are automatically unlocked and equipped once players reach a certain point of the game. However, players can also unlock additional Limit Breaks for each playable character.

This can be done by competing in the Corneo Colosseum’s matches after players have defeated Hell House. Achieving victory inside the Colosseum will allow players to earn additional Limit Breaks which makes it worth the time to do this side quest.

Another way of unlocking Limit Breaks is to equip certain Focus Materia. This unlocks a second Limit Break which breaks the character’s WTB gauge into three segments. This is specifically important when using Cloud or Aerith because it helps them collect weapon abilities.
Having three different bar segments increases Aerith’s healing abilities and will allow Cloud to deal continuous attacks. However, players will only have access to this Materia once Aerith joins the party.

Assigning Limit Breaks

Once players have unlocked a new Limit Break, players can immediately equip them through the game’s Battle Settings. However, only one Limit Break is allowed for each character so it’s important to consider the current condition in order to get the best out of an ultimate skill.

Images courtesy of Square Enix/Youtube Screenshot

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