‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ originally had a salacious scene

While the fans have loved the revamped title Final Fantasy 7 Remake, they will be surprised to know that it originally had an indecent scene.

Yes, you read that right. Final Fantasy 7 Remake initially featured a sensual scene. And the development had to remove it before launch due to ESRB rating.

‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ removed a problematic dance scene.

A Square Enix developer Motomu Toriyama revealed an unknown fact about the 2020 title during a recent interview.

According to him, the team had to cut a potentially salacious pole dancing scene before the game’s official release.

“We decided to take that part out due to the impact on the rating!”

For the sake of ESRB rating, the sequence ended up getting chopped from the final version.

Although Final Fantasy 7 Remake adds many new elements to the old game, this latest revelation is a fascinating, fun fact.

Taking about the pole dancing scene, then it took place in Honeybee Inn. Developers even hired an entire crew of choreographers to come up with it, along with an “elaborate set.”

However, it was too suggestive of including in FF 7 Remake. And eventually, the editing team decided to take it out.

The completed version still has lots of potentially indecent sequences when it comes to the remake’s plot,

But they managed to make it to the released title. Some involve the character of Cloud, doing cross-dressing while taking part in an activity with the Villain.

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New ‘Final Fantasy’ coming soon!

While Final Fantasy lovers are still playing 2020’s remake, they are also waiting curiously for the next original entry in the series.

Speaking of the upcoming installment, then not much is known at the moment. However, it’s expected to be even bigger and grand than its classic predecessors.

In 2018, the developing team shared a demo trailer, showcasing a conceptual idea for Final Fantasy 16. That trailer had a female protagonist, being half-human and half machine. The demo showed her going head-to-head against another villainous female antagonist.

The main idea of the demo was a clash of yin and yang, which was clear from the use of colors.

However, after 2018, the developers seem to have changed their stance regarding the inclusion of a female protagonist. Because now, it looks like FF 16 will have a male as the central character.

Still, nothing is confirmed.

In the meantime, fans can keep playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade. It features a brand new, playable character of Yuffie, who has unique fighting abilities.


Image courtesy of SourceSpy91/YouTube

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