‘Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ Part 2 to have classic mode

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake was well-received because of the innovations it added to the classic. With a sequel on the way, fans can’t wait to see what other innovations are coming again.

The battle system in Final Fantasy 7 Remake amps up the way we play the classic. Some argue that the new battle system was difficult but rewarding at the same time. Still, others are hoping for a taste of the glory days of the game, and that could be coming in the sequel.

Classic Mode in the sequel

The team behind the remake recently spoke with Famitsu for an interview. During the said interview, members of the team revealed a lot of things about the upcoming sequel for the remake. Co-director Naoki Hamaguchi spoke particularly about Classic Mode.

In the previous game, Classic Mode allowed players to enjoy the traditional battle system of Final Fantasy 7. It was a welcome addition, but turning this on meant that the game’s difficulty would be put to easy. This meant playing in the traditional battle system makes the game a lot less challenging.

According to Hamaguchi, the sequel will see the return of Classic Mode, but there will be some tweaks. Though he has yet to reveal precisely what tweaks are going to be made to revamp Classic Mode, we can at least expect a bit more of a challenge in the next iteration.

Outlook on remake’s battle

The base battle system in Final Fantasy 7 Remake tried to blend the classic turn-based combat with an action-packed attack system. It was well-received by fans, with some saying that it offered a fresh set of challenges to them.

The rest of the community wanted to play the game in its classic turn-based form. When it was discovered that doing this meant playing the game in easy mode, many opted for action-packed combat again.

We’re sure that for the sequel, Square Enix is going to try and fix all of its shortcomings. This means changing every possible complaint that fans had with the first remake’s combat system.

Work on the next part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is already well on its way. Fans are hoping that aside from the story, Square Enix is also able to deliver an amazing experience in terms of gameplay. We might not have to wait long before the next game arrives as well.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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