‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake will release a new soundtrack in December

Games without any soundtrack behave just like a day without coffee. Developing or composing a soundtrack for games has become a majestic business in the gaming industry as the fans support the soundtracks and enjoy it while playing the game.

It gives them the ambiance and creates a whole new environment to play efficiently and adequately.

These tunes accompany the players throughout the gaming journey. Spotify has seen a surge in the soundtrack of gaming services after the release of Final Fantasy 7.

The company got to know this, and now the demand for many other games is increasing day by day, making these things a significant hit. There is a massive demand for soundtracks of much other game which the gamers love.

Square Enix announced that it would continue to release some other Final Fantasy 7, making it a new hit of 2020’s titles.

The publisher and developer of the game Final Fantasy 7 announced that this year, with the verge of Final Fantasy 7 Remake version, gamers will also get some new soundtrack that will make the game more exciting.

What will the Final Fantasy 7 Remake soundtrack have?

The release will add a lot more for fans this year. The announcement by its Remake version for the soundtrack was mentioned on the official Twitter handle of Square Enix, where a detailed post of the new edition was added.

The new release will include a much-unreleased track present at the remake of a classic piece, 1997 JRPG.

The soundtrack will be covered in 4 CD sets, including background soundtracks, cut shows of JRPG, and the additional features that weren’t visible in the original release of the soundtrack.

The soundtrack has been scored by Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu, which might be the sole reason for such reputation and popularity.

It has received high review scores, which embarks a great score and credibility for the soundtrack. The Plus edition of the Remake soundtrack, which is supposed to release on 23rd December in Japan, is the fifth release by the franchise for the game’s score.

Much more to come

Along with this original soundtrack, Square Enix will also release an Orchestral Arrangement Album, the Acoustic Arrangements, and the dual Vinyl pack, containing both the soundtrack, one from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the other from the Final Fantasy 7 original soundtrack.

The complete soundtrack bunch will also include original artwork from the franchise character designer Tetsuya Nomura, making it an attempt to hit records.

Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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