‘Final Fantasy 9’ to get animated series aimed at kids


Final Fantasy 9 is about to get an animated series, to be handled by Cyber Group Studios, a Paris-based studio that will work towards the game’s publishing.

In the coming months, Final Fantasy 9 will have its own animated series. While Final Fantasy XVI is on the horizon, Square Enix is also busy moving beyond video games. The series will come as a children’s show that focuses on ages 8 to 13.

FF9 follows noble thief saving the world

FF9 is one of the best titles in the Final Fantasy franchise. The game is famous for being a return to the classic form of the series. After the experimental gameplay in Final Fantasy 8, their ninth installment returned to its original style.

Much of the plot of FF9 revolves around a knave named Zidane. This monkey-tailed rogue found himself embroiled in the affairs of the princess of Alexandria, Garnet. Looking to run away from her life in the castle, Garnet went on adventures with Zidane’s band of thieves.

After a journey around the kingdom, Zidane and his friends tag along a quest to save the world. Much like any Final Fantasy game, the fate of the world is at stake. Players would need to save it with the friends they made along the way.

Report says FF9 animated series to focus on pre-teens

According to a report, the deal for Final Fantasy 9 between Square Enix and Cyber Group Studios received its inking already. Both companies are finishing a series bible of sorts at the moment, to be used as a reference guide.

“The company is putting the finishing touches on a project bible, and plans to begin pitching it to broadcasters in the coming months,” says Pierre Sissmann, CEO of Cyber Group Studios in the report.

The same report notes that “while episode count and length had not been finalized at press time, Sissmann says the goal is to begin production by the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022.”

Much of FF9 the Animation will be kid-friendly, aimed at the pre-teen demographic of 8 to 13. Furthermore, compared to other titles in the series, FF9 has among the most tamed themes. It includes noble thieves and even cute black mages in the form of Vivi.

Last year, FF9 celebrated its 20th anniversary as it came out July 7, 2000. The game came out on PC recently and has a number of quality-of-life mods. To those who played it in its heyday, Final Fantasy 9 is a stunning story worth retelling.

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