‘Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition’ director issues apology over bugs

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition trailer snapshot

Fresh from its release, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition sees a faulty release, bringing out kinks in the game that hampers the player experience. Listening to user complaints, game director Araki Ryoma posted a message addressing the concern.

One of the major concerns which the apology letter highlights is the issue of players not able to run the game. A technical issue that appears to take root in the game’s overloading servers. However, Ryoma claims that the issue is already resolved as of August 29, following maintenance that specifically fixes it.

Although confident that the server issue is already taken care of, the director does not rule out the possibility of future server-related problems. Which he also promised to address should they arise.

Following a barrage of complaints that strongly echoes the game’s glaring flaws, the letter showcases the issues fixed in the coming update. In addition, Araki Ryoma is promising future updates to the game to do more polish.

All Platform Fixes

One of the major problems that the game suffers from regardless of the platform is the issue of improper attribution of element hotspot. Players who encountered the bug see it as a case of one player wrongfully tagged for someone else’s spawn. Particularly after completing a dungeon while playing in multiplayer mode.

Another problem that the update addresses is the issue of items becoming infinitely obtainable. After the patch, players will no longer be having an unexhaustive supply of stuff from a specific source.

Albeit not an answer to a glitch, a new functionality gives the host player the ability to skip scenes when playing in multiplayer. Specifically, during a boss introduction and myrrh drops.

Mobile-specific Versions

Both the iOS and Android versions of the game are infamous for experiencing freezes during a loading screen. While the patch does not claim a total fix to the issue, it is, however, surefire in mitigating the occurrence.

Another part of the update that comes to the mobile version includes the ability to skip scenes. This is the same feature that comes with other platforms, only this time in single-player mode.

Future Updates

The game’s director has been pretty upfront at wanting to make the game as glitch-free as possible, which is indeed a commendable gesture.

Here is to hoping that some of FFCCRE’s glaring setbacks, such as the lack of co-op, region-locking in multiplayer, and a disorganized online play, be set to attention soon.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo/YouTube Screenshot

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