‘Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles’ remastered offers free-to-play version


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is getting a remastered version and will hit the shelves next month. Moreover, the game offers a free-to-play lite version.

The popularity of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles easily prompted Square Enix to release a remastered version of the 2003 game. Furthermore, the game will be available on PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. 

The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a 1-4 player RPG that follows the story of four people known as the Crystal Caravans. They embark on an epic journey to find a precious liquid called Myrrh. The Myrrh is needed to cleanse a crystal that protects them and their world from a deadly poisonous gas. 

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles new game features

There’s a lot to expect from Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy release. The remastered edition will offer a whole new gaming experience, from the characters to the gameplay. The remaster includes enhanced graphics, new obstacles, and even a piece of newly-arranged music. 

Also, the remastered game has an improved HD visual, allowing gamers to play with ease. Another development in the game is the addition of voice acting that adds life to the characters. 

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remastered has not only improved the game’s features but has also upgraded the gameplay. The remaster will feature new dungeons and bosses for the players to battle through.

As the game progresses, players can change their character’s appearance to other characters met during the travels. This can be done after collecting Memory Crystals from Moogle Houses or at the end of difficult dungeons. 

According to the official blog, Square Enix developed new content for the game. It states:

“The team has refined and improved the adventure, enhancing numerous elements and even adding entirely new features.”

Square Enix releases free-to-play lite version

When the remastered version arrives next month, it will also release its free-to-play demo. The lite version will allow players to access the first three dungeons in both single-player and online multiplayer.

On top of that, the lite version owners can unlock the additional 13 dungeons on the condition that another player who owns the full remastered game will host the multiplayer sessions. In addition,  a player can play through up to 13 dungeons by taking part in the online cross-play in those dungeons.

Final Fantasy Chronicles release date

Previously slated to arrive last year, Square Enix pushed back the release date to 2020. Thus, the game will finally arrive on August 27. 

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