‘Final Fantasy XIV’ update 5.4 details: Launch date, contents, and more

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is about to get two major updates, one of which—version 5.35—is rolling now, October 13. While the ongoing update itself is massive enough not to ignore, others have already set their eyes on what is yet to come—the version 5.4 patch.

Drawing from the recently held Letter from the Producer LIVE Broadcast, we get a gist of the things we could expect with the still coming major update. With also a press release handed directly to Micky, we also get a first-hand view of the contents of the update in a brief summary.

Release date

If you are not up-to-speed with the information regarding Final Fantasy XIV, then you’re probably stuck in the idea that the game is already getting a new update. That and the idea of the following update could be a little too soon for the announcement.

That is actually far from the truth, as many would probably know by now that the next major update will arrive in December 2020. Literally, version 5.4 will release in just a few months from now.

No PS5 version, but playable on the next-gen platform

It might come off as dismaying for some who are expecting to enjoy the popular MMORPG on a vastly superior platform than the PS4. Sadly, the game is not getting a PS5 re-release just yet.

However, Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida claim that the game is playable on the PS5 still, albeit as a PS4 title. To a certain extent, this is good news, considering next-gen console improvements for backwards-compatible titles, like FFXIV. The benefits include playing the game at faster loading times and enjoy a stable framerate.

In-game changes

Version 5.4 will introduce many changes to Final Fantasy XIV once it arrives later in the year. Some of the modifications include an expansion of Shadowbringer’s main story campaign, the introduction of Emerald Weapon, and new raid dungeons.

Additionally, a number of questlines will also see a continuation, which gives more insight to them individually.

New challenges will also be a theme to the alterations that will be coming with the upcoming patch. One of which particularly targeted towards high-level players for a unique undertaking.

Players who main a character as a Blue Mage class can expect more tweaks in their chosen profession. Not only will it see a level cap increase to level 80, but it will also get enlargement in equipment and the spells to use.

Last but not least, there’s also a handful of quality of gameplay enhancements and features that add fresh experience to players.

Image used courtesy of FINAL FANTASY XIV/YouTube Screenshot

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