‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ to retain much faithfulness to the Original—Co-Director

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Classic Squaresoft RPG, Final Fantasy VII, had recently had a remake launch which saw a bit of departure from original in terms of story-telling, but co-director says Final Fantasy VII Remake will stick to the original as much as possible.

In an original Japanese interview published in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania, a Twitter user @aitaikimochi translated what Yoshitani Kitane said.

Coming off as a non-literal translation, the do-director said that they will not be causing drastic changes from the original with the remake.


The Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania is a 750-page book that accompanied the Japanese release of the game.

A Surprising Filler

Despite the proclamation of wanting to stick to the original content, however, the outcome of the Remake has been one of many surprises. Veteran fans who know every nook and cranny of the game’s lore will attest to the changes they’ve noticed.

For instance, the introduction of the faceless creatures called ‘whispers’ is an entirely new thing to everyone who played the Remake. That is, despite the fact that the original neither had them nor have talked about them.

The whispers are essentially unknown visitors into the game that suddenly barged and are messing with everyone whom they encounter. Not necessarily a nuisance, but figures of certain ‘authority’ in the game.

As it appears, they do have an uncanny role in Final Fantasy VII Remake that drives them to act a certain way. Specifically, in preserving the way the game’s storyline would go to. That is, even to the point of seemingly allegiant to the protagonists.

At least, that is the popular interpretation, based primarily on Red XIII’s description of the Whispers.

However, as it appears, the presence and powers of the Whispers are not at all absolute. And, therefore, can be defied. This is something players of Remake would have already known.

A Popular Theory

Thus, it points to another concern. The belief that the Remake having significantly deviated from the original. Particularly, in the notion that players were sucked into playing a Final Fantasy VII game, but in an alternate reality.

The idea may seem bizarre. But there are also plausible hints about that belief as seen through many of the game’s script. Something that keen observers would have probably noticed.

However, being a multi-part game, what Square Enix had showcased, so far, is still open for many revelations. One that is likely to take place with every installment until hopefully making complete sense at the end of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Image used courtesy of Twitter/FinalFantasyVII

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