‘Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier’ precedes Remake’s timeline by 30 Years

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier trailer snapshot

Square Enix is expanding on Final Fantasy VII’s timeline, moving backward that will precede the remade mainline title by 3 decades.

Dubbed Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, it’s a battle royale mobile title that revolves around Shinra’s early creation of SOLDIER.

The long-standing franchise is not new with trying to recreate itself. As recent entries shift from its traditional JRPG roots, seeing a battle royale twist is hardly surprising. In fact, considering the increasing popularity of the genre, it only comes fitting that Square Enix attempts to cash in on the success.

More than just guns

The First Soldier, however, is not just another entry in the class involving guns that allow for first- and third-person views. While shooting arsenals do play a major role in the game, it also incorporates other elements from the series it draws from. This means factors like magic and mythical creatures that add to the overall fun of the game.

The employ of magic is no longer a fresh thing in the genre, with the likes of Overwatch and Valorant depicting it prior. But the ability to summon or encounter gargantuan monsters is definitely a new thing—and an exciting one at that.

Although still in development, SE’s the disclosure of the game official with a trailer, showing a few minutes of clips. In it shows the game’s current progress, which does display a playstyle that, while nothing particularly groundbreaking, is quite unique. That is, given partly by the novelty of seeing a summon, like Ifrit, making its presence in the battlefield.

The supernatural abilities given to each player are indeed essential in making formidable fighters in the field. But each player is no slouch when it comes to close combat that do not rely on any weapon. Which, by looking at it, is kind of new to the category as well.

A telling label

Word about The First Soldier came late last year when it was reported that Square Enix filed trademarks in Japan. However, the same trademarks also appeared elsewhere outside of Japan, signaling a global release.

Initial thoughts about the brand point to a game or a movie based on Sephiroth, which was presumed to be the first-ever to hold the title of a SOLDIER. It only comes as a shocker that it would point to a battle royale title whose very choice for classification itself is as astounding. It’s still unclear whether said label does refer to the long sword-wielding antagonist, but we can only speculate for now.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier will see its launch in both Android and iOS in 2022.

Image used courtesy of GameSpot/YouTube Screenshot

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