‘Final Fantasy XIV’ gets major content update with 5.3 patch

Final Fantasy XIV 5.3 patch announcement blog

After a delay that kept players waiting for the next major update to arrive, version 5.3 patch finally arrives to Final Fantasy XIV, giving anticipants massive content, including alterations aimed at bettering the game.

One of the chief changes is the extension of the level that allows for non-subscribed players to enjoy the free trial for far longer. Newcomers can now experience the game until level 60, as opposed to the previous 30. Which also means access to greater content that the game allows—all without needing to pay a single penny.

Quest-Related Modifications

The base game, A Realm Reborn, will also see notable alterations in its questline, too. That is, with the developers streamlining it by cutting off non-critical quests in favor of critical ones. Essentially, cutting off the fat in favor of the meat. Latecomers can, therefore, involve themselves in an interesting play experience from the start.

Players who managed to beat the game at its current state will also find more reason to stick with the game for longer. This is due to the introduction of the New Game+ that gives players the option to re-play class-related quests.

Main story questline-wise, a new dungeon (The Heroes’ Gauntlet) will make an appearance, which could play a significant role in the game’s narrative. Coinciding this content increment is yet another with a new story-based Trial that lets players encounter a multi-layered boss fight.

Meanwhile, other major contents are also taking place in the game, such as the continuation of the Sorrow of Werlyt questline, providing a centerpiece experience involving boss battles as well as supporting character revelations.

Following the debut of Nier Automata in Final Fantasy XIV is a second chapter, The Puppet Bunker. Which, seemingly, would be essential in piecing together the two universes. This new chapter also highlights a 24-player boss fight that paves the way for every participant to demonstrate their flashiest, if not strongest, moves.

Balancing Fixes

Balances in a few characters’ classes will noticeably also be a major element in the latest update, too, with the Astrologian getting the most treatment that sees some of its skills substantially reducing MP consumption.

Other classes such as the Marauder/Warriors, Summoner, Pugilist/Monk, Scholar, Machinist, Bard, and Gunbreaker, on the other hand, see themselves getting buffed. Either by extending the duration of their buffs or potency timers or reduction of cooldowns.

Moving onto the Photo Mode, this feature of FFXIV is also seeing additional features, mostly aesthetics. Thereby giving players more options to be creative in coming up with something aptly an art.

Image used courtesy of Final Fantasy XIV Blog

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