‘Final Fantasy XIV’ reached a milestone achievement at 20 million registered users

Final Fantasy XIV now at 20 million registered users

Despite following a premium subscription model that significantly limits the game to certain kind of audiences, Square Enix proudly announces that its beloved MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, has reached a milestone by accruing a total of 20 million registered users.

The aforementioned does not necessarily reflect concurrent players on the daily. But the number does represent a large chunk who pays a monthly or yearly subscription to enjoy the game. Making the MMORPG title a success for the developing company as far as being a business endeavor.

Free Extension in Next Update

Coinciding Square Enix’s proclamation of its product’s feat is a statement regarding the rollout of the highly-anticipated 5.3 update. Like most major updates that graced the game, the 5.3 patch will be massive. But one of the major highlights of this patch is the level cap extension for free players.

To those who are not aware, Final Fantasy XIV is accessible to players for free. However, comes at the expense of severely restricting the players to less content born from the imposed level 35 limit. This means that players can play the game leisurely without worrying about paying for anything within the realms of the free account.

With version 5.3 underway, this level 35 restriction will see itself extended to level 60 that opens up lots of spaces in the game. Among others, this implies having access to more quests and maps, as well as a longer time playing the game without paying a penny.

Free Account Caveat

While seemingly enjoying an almost premium experience, free users, however, comes at a caveat of playing only a single character. Unless you are the type who could spend time changing between job classes on a single playable character, this should not be an issue.

However, if not, you would definitely want to opt for a premium and get a complete experience of the game. The idea of paying a subscription to play a game is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, especially in these trying times. But if anecdotal claims among players are to be heard, the best MMORPGs in the market are often those which are paid.

Anticipate More Registered Users

The considerations involved in the 5.3 patch for free players should expectedly drive more users to play the game. With time literally as the investment, many would be more than willing to check out the game for what it offers. Considering also the still occurring pandemic that introduced the so-called “new normal,” it makes for a compelling choice to opt for something amazing yet costless.

Image used courtesy of Final Fantasy XIV/YouTube Screenshot

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