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‘Final Fantasy XVI’: Everything fans want to see from the next entry


The recent PlayStation 5 Showcase event had more than just the reveal of the next console’s price and release date. There were also a lot of amazing reveals including one for Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI may have stolen the show during the recent PlayStation 5 Showcase. The game has easily caught the attention of fans due to its setting and cinematic trailer. While the trailer is great, fans already have a few wishes about the next Final Fantasy, and they are vocal about it.

A finished game

One of the biggest criticisms about Final Fantasy was that the game felt unfinished. Since launching, the game underwent various major updates and extra DLC. A lot of fans felt betrayed as it seemed like Square Enix made an unfinished game which they eventually got to fixing post-launch.

For the sequel, fans are surely going to want a finished game upon release. This means as little DLC as possible. DLC would still be a welcome idea, but as long as the content does not feel like it isn’t a part of the base game, then that would be great.

Combat options

Based on the trailer, Final Fantasy XVI seems like it is going to have the same action-packed combat of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy XV. There are some fans that prefer this, but there are also those that prefer the classic ATB turn-based combat system from classic games.

Square Enix is going to add a classic mode to the next part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Hopefully, the next mainline entry in the series will already have that at launch.

A not-so empty open world

Another criticism for Final Fantasy XV was that the world felt empty. While Eos was undoubtedly large, there weren’t a lot of things for players to do. Moreover, a lot of the areas on the map were actually inaccessible.

For the next game, fans would want a true open-world experience. One that would let them explore amazing areas and a lot of points of interest. We’ve yet to see the game’s world, but the trailer gives off a Game of Thrones vibe.

Final Fantasy XVI doesn’t have a release date yet. Square Enix has said that they have nothing else to share for now but hopefully, they arrive at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show with more details about the game.

Image used courtesy of Final Fantasy/YouTube

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