Final part of Apple Arcade-exclusive RPG ‘Fantasian’ to release on August 13

Fantasian Part 2 announcement trailer

The second-half of Hironobu Sakaguchi’s RPG Fantasian is releasing on the Apple Arcade on August 13, 2021, according to Apple.

Earlier in the year, the gaming community was given a surprise when a developing RPG was announced for the Apple Arcade. While details were scarce at the time, the game nonetheless took people’s attention, primarily by the person who helms it. No other than gaming industry veteran Hironobu Sakaguchi—former Squaresoft employee and the father of Final Fantasy. But the game’s title is then revealed to be Fantasian.

New RPG Powerhouse

In development with Sakaguchi’s own company, Mistwalker, the mobile RPG is an ambitious project which mixes classic-style RPG and a unique aesthetic. Although an approach that’s not necessarily new and groundbreaking, the new art style is known for its use of actual dioramas. The result of which is a seamless blend of CGI with objects that stem from tangible 3D models. The latter of which being painstakingly handcrafted to perfection in building the game’s visually engrossing environment.

With the intent of releasing the game in parts, the first-half saw release back in April. A launch of which was received with positive response among critics and players alike. Apart from the smooth-looking graphics, the game was mostly acclaimed for its sticking to traditional RPG design. That is, as a turn-based RPG, akin to several entries in the Final Fantasy franchise. Something that gamers are seeing less and less, especially coming from JRPG powerhouse, Square Enix. Since the game’s release, the Mistwalker team has been hard at work at developing the game for its eventual completion.

Sakaguchi Speaks

In a statement by the game developer’s founder via a press release, Part 2 is the wrap up to the saga. Importantly, he describes it as having “a more quest-driven style of gameplay”. Meaning to say, an additional 40 to 60 hours of content and whose mileage depends on player interest.

“The release of Part 2 of Fantasian marks the completion of the saga. It ended up being, rather unexpectedly, about twice the volume of Part 1 and is more quest-driven, giving players the ability to progress through the world at their own pace”.

“On behalf of all the dev team members, diorama artisans and musical talent including Uematsu-san. I think we can safely say that we left nothing on the table. We have carefully sculpted the experience preserving the ‘warmth’ of the dioramas with every attention to detail. I encourage everyone to experience this mysterious ’emotional’ energy, which is at the very heart of Fantasian”.

Apple Arcade is Apple’s subscription service and is available for iPhone, iPad, iPhone TV, and Mac. The $5 monthly subscription gives users access to a large library of titles, some of which are exclusive to the platform.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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