Find nearest COVID-19 test centre using GMaps

Google Map can now show COVID-19 test center and vaccine center locations with details!

COVID-19 or Corona cases are continuously increasing across the country. Many number of cases have been increased due to various factors since it evolved last year. Due to this, the lockdown has been imposed in many states. 

Many people are not even able to book basic facilities due to a lack of health care services. Much wrong information about this virus is also in front of people. Because of this, the Government imposes on people to get the COVID-19 test because of their safety.

Many times people have to wander because of not knowing where the test centers are. Many times people have to return without investigation. People can get information about the COVID-19 Center before going to an inquiry. 

How to get vaccination center details?

People can use Google Maps for searching COVID-19 related topics. With Google Maps, they can find out if there is a center around the place they are. Center phone numbers are also provided in Google Maps. 

Thus, they can call the center and find out the information related to the investigation before going to an inquiry. You will also get the lab center’s phone numbers and know their working hours quickly. 

To search the test center, you must first open Google Maps on your mobile. In this, you have to search for a “covid test near me” or “COVID 19 test.” You can also use other keywords like “covid testing” for search. It works on both Android and iOS devices. 

Users of both smartphones can see this information directly in their Google Maps app. You will also get information about the center, such as if it is controlled by private or the Government. The COVID-19 test center search feature was added to Google Maps in June last year. 

Google Updates: COVID-19 test center

Now in this, the quality of searching the centers around the users has also been added. Apple Maps also gives iOS users the facility to search the COVID-19 test center. In addition to this, Google introduced some features that people can view some additional information concerning the test and vaccination centers; however, it is available only in some regions.

On your mobile, select Google maps and choose layers to view the COVID-19 count. The COVID-19 panel represents the 7-day average for the whole of new subjects per 0.1 million (i.e., 100,000) people.

It also shows if cases are rising or sinking. The layer’s colors indicate Grey if the cases are less than 1, yellow if between 1-10 patients, and orange for 10-20 cases. Further, if the region has 20-30 cases, it shows in dark orange; meanwhile, the red color for 30-40 cases. On the contrary, dark red is described for more than 40 cases.


Image courtesy of CNBC/YouTube 

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