Finest facial recognition house security cameras of 2020

Privacy has been the issue for every house for a long time. Some security cameras have a facial recognition method that recognizes the face of the people in the database.

Then when the camera recognizes the face, it automatically either opens the door or provides an alert. And that’s how facial recognition cameras work.

This software might be a miss or hit, based on the physical appearance of the person entering. What if he/she changes the hairstyle, wear glasses, different lighting, and many other aspects that can create an issue in recognizing the same person provided in the database. 

But facial recognition cameras are still in operation because of its use nowadays at airport check-ins in this COVID pandemic.

This makes the work more comfortable as the security camera recognizes the passenger and let him/her in the airport.

Thus face recognition is technology is not only limited to the grounds of airport check-ins or houses. It is also available on our phones, which uses face recognition technology to unlock our phones.

Let’s dive into some of our picks of the best facial recognition security cameras that might prove useful for your home security

  • Nest Hello

Every Nest cameras of the series, namely Nest Hello, Nest Cam IQ Indoor, and Nest IQ Cam Outdoor, are the best choice for anyone if someone wants to install a camera having the capability of facial recognition.

Nest IQ Cam Indoor is best suited if you want to know who is inside the house, and Nest Hello and Nest IQ Cam Outdoor is used to create a database for those outsides.

The sang with the Nest cameras is just that they require a premium subscription plan if you want to enjoy the privilege of facial recognition.

  • Tend Secure Lynx

This security camera only costs around $60, which is affordable if you want to install an inexpensive security camera in your house. Though by looking at its affordable price, one will always doubt that it does it work.

To a surprise, this camera provides multiple features like a free seven-day event-based video clip storage and facial recognition feature and that too, free of charge.

  • Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Priced at $299, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a premium camera with extensive features that will allow you to look over people coming in front of the camera with consistent accuracy.

Along with this, Nest has provided it with a Google Assistant Speaker, which will follow your command and will also answer if required.

Like the weather outside or how much traffic will be visible at a particular site, the fundamental questions are quite familiar with Nest Cam IQ Indoor.

Image courtesy of Zephyr_p/Shutterstock

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