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First ‘Black Ops Cold War’ Alpha wave was record-breaking


Activision is proving critics wrong for releasing Black Ops Cold War this year, despite its current Call of Duty titles still are at a high, popularity-wise.

There have been doubts about releasing Black Ops Cold War prematurely this year.

Essentially Esports believes it is an “unnecessary addition” to the franchise right now. The publication believes Activision should’ve waited longer. Meanwhile, Forbes reports that the 2020 title “feels like a mistake.”

Nonetheless, after the first free Alpha weekend, Activision proves how its fan base is excited is for the upcoming game.

Alpha weekend was record-breaking

Dot Esports reports that Black Ops Cold War became the most downloaded PS4 Alpha or Beta in the Call of Duty history. Activision commemorated the milestone on Twitter.

It further encouraged players to hop back to the fun on October 8, when the Beta opens.

Although no exact numbers were reported confirming the feat. Nonetheless, Dexerto notes that this is actually only the second time Activision did a public Alpha testing.

Public Alpha testing became a big trend this year. Riot Games sparked the trend with Valorant earlier this year and did the same with Wild Rift for mobile. Marvel’s Avengers also had a schedule laid out to entice fans to get the game.

For players who would like to hop in on the new CoD trend, pre-ordering the game is a strict requirement.

The hype might be due to the fact that the Alpha event followed after the PS5 showcase, unveiling for the first time, the Black Ops Cold War gameplay. Game critics and enthusiasts have both good and bad things to say about the 2020 title.

The hype will generally direct in two ways: First, the trend may die down because of the comments or first impression of the game. Second, Activision will likely see a new peak, most especially after they announce the Zombies mode tomorrow, Sept. 30.

Is it really too early for Black Ops Cold War?

Reverting back to the gaming publications’ doubts, Modern Warfare and Warzone are still at their prime. In fact, reports confirm that the Season 6 update will be worth 20GB.

Taking a look at Rockstar Games’ GTA V, fans have since been begging the devs to introduce the sixth installment of the game franchise. However, reports say the GTA V is still very much profitable for the company.

But Activision is taking a different take—a more traditional take, which is to introduce a new title every year.

Black Ops Cold War reportedly has a different visual outlook compared to MW. Essentially Esports fears that BOCW might not meet the expectations and fall behind the shadow of the successful MW.

Nonetheless, Activision is set to release the 2020 title on November 13 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

Featured image courtesy of Call of Duty

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