First ever in-game fashion show happening in ‘Animal Crossing’

Animal Crossing, Nintendo’s super famous social simulation game, is now becoming a portal for fashion shows and enthusiasts.

The effect of today’s global coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone, even those in the fashion show industry.

The new normal

People are no longer searching for designer clothes to wear for themselves – they now do it to make their virtual avatars in Animal Crossing look cool and fashionable. In Animal Crossing’s virtual world, players explore, make and personalize their secondary life in which dressing up is a huge part.

While the craze just began with fans creating designs inspired by famous brands, today, the game became a fashion show of some sort. This made world-renowned fashion houses quickly jump on the game bandwagon.

Fashion designers join the craze

A few weeks ago, Valentino partnered with Kara Chung, the owner of @animalcrossingfashionarchive on Instagram. The two collaborated to create custom Valentino dresses for Animal Crossing.

The 20 fashion looks created featured vibrant men’s clothes by Roger Dean, VLTN puffer jackets and hats, and tons of colorful dresses.

Every item has a unique code which can be inputted in the game in order for the dress to be used on a character.

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs also united with Kara Chung. This time, they released six adorable dresses for the game. Like the ones from Valentino, all of the clothes made were free for players to download.

In has to be put in emphasis that unlike other games that also allow customization of outfits, Animal Crossing does it better. It allows its players to choose everything from socks, shoes, and hats.

A virtual runway

During this stage of quarantine lockdown, Animal Crossing became an instant hit. This is not surprising since the game offered people a way to escape the boredom of being locked inside their houses.

Kara Chung’s Instagram account isn’t the only one receiving attention for its promotion of virtual fashion. Other accounts such as @crossingtherunway and @nookstreetmarket which are making Animal Crossing outfits are also becoming famous.

The three accounts have now gained over 100,000 followers on the social media platform. This is how famous virtual clothes can become.

The first-ever virtual Animal Crossing fashion show will be launched this week. The show is expected to air on May 27th which will feature players walking in a virtual runway in their own customized outfits.

Featured image courtesy of iGumdrop/Youtube Screenshot

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