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First ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ update could require re-installation of the 150Gb game


Microsoft Flight Simulator has just had its first major update ( since it released the previous month, which brings in anticipated fixes to the game’s troubled launch state. But to enjoy the game in its more polished state, some users would need to reinstall it first.

Updating the game should be a relatively straightforward process, such as literally running the game and doing the update therein. Although this is indeed the simplest way to do it, the result may not always be positive.

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However, like all other PC games, doing a reinstall from scratch requires firstly the need to uninstall the game. For Microsoft Flight Simulator, the task of uninstalling the game without a trace doesn’t seem to be a simple feat. In some cases, even the seemingly complete uninstallation of the game leaves some files that ultimately hinder reinstallation.

Fortunately, Microsoft is making the procedure less of a hassle by narrowing down the step the user could take for it. Specifically, the developer suggests users of looking into the folders, “Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe” and “MicrosoftFlightSimulator.” Both these folders should contain the files that needed complete eradication, albeit manually.

Once fully wiped out from the computer, the user should be able to reinstall the game with no problem.

To prevent the issue of the update not integrating properly with the game, it is imperative that users do a complete reinstall before updating.

Major Fixes

The update itself has been pretty interesting in terms of content. With the emphasis on stability, the patch addresses two known issues of crashing. Particularly, after disconnecting input peripherals and when the offset chance that the “TBM 930 package” is taken off from the system.

Another occupying part of the update includes fixes to conditions that otherwise prevent the installation of the game. Specifically, the update resolves the issue caused by the following:

  • “partial decompression of a package”
  • use of “non-ASCII characters”
  • “failed connection to servers”

The game will no longer be showcasing an “empty onboarding screen.” It will also automate the downloading of important packages when the computer connects online.

Conversely, the system will no longer be automatically downloading files from the internet if the said files were manually removed via Content Manager. Furthermore, players will also no longer be getting stuck in the Content Manager due to an infinite loading screen after some offline checking.

Other significant enhancements from the major patch include offsetting the FPS drop in Simconnect, improved gameplay performance, and correction of the currency in the marketplace.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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