First two ‘No More Heroes’ titles now playable on Nintendo Switch

No More Heroes trailer snapshot

Years following their releases on the Nintendo Wii, both No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle have finally made a jump to another platform, the Nintendo Switch.

The classic beat-em-up titles by Grasshopper Manufacture are currently up on the eShop and is ready for purchase.

To celebrate the two titles’ debut on the Switch, the eShop offers a 10 percent discount for the games. That is a cut off the price to $17.99 from what are $19.99 individually. Anyone keen on buying the two games during the sales will, therefore, have to spend $36. An almost $4 discount if buying the two in their non-discounted pricing.

The discount offer is only valid until Nov. 14, 2020, however. At which point the prices will resume to their original.

Digital only

Nintendo Switch owners who habitually collect physical games would be disappointed to know that the two are only available as a digital download momentarily. There is also no word from publisher XSEED about whether the two Suda51-helmed games will eventually see physical cartridges in the future.

It is worth noting that hosting a Switch game is relatively less expensive than spending capital on physical copies. This, seemingly, would be the reason why XSEED has not committed to the games’ physical release in conjunction with the digital.

No additional contents

Content-wise, there is no mention of the developers adding new content to the game as a part of the port. However, both games did get some tweaks in consideration of the conveniences in modern technology. Particularly, a bump to a stable 60 FPS and native resolution support for up to 1080p. Features that were significantly lacking from the original Wii versions.

Adopters of the games’ original releases, however, will reminisce about the experience for their unique controls, thanks to the platform’s Wiimote controller.

An ongoing series

Both “No More Heroes” titles are more than a decade old as of writing and whose next mainline title is moved for the 2021 release date. In the interim from the second installment, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes was released back in 2019.

The developers at Grasshopper Manufacture are hard at work in continuing the series with the ongoing development of No More Heroes 3. But with the onset of the pandemic, the progress to the game has been hampered, forcing a release schedule to be set for next year.

Image used courtesy of XSEEDgames/YouTube Screenshot

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