Five simple ways towards Android smartphone personalization

5 simple ways towards Android smartphone personalization

Android smartphone personalization is one of the advantages of getting an Android device. Here are five ways to do it.

There are a lot of options for Android smartphone personalization besides the usual wallpaper change. Users may change the whole look of a device depending on their preference.

Apple devices, on the other hand, simply do not offer an in-depth way of personalizing smartphones at all.

Here are some things to do to personalize an Android phone. Some steps might be tedious but still very rewarding.

1. Basic wallpaper change

Changing the wallpaper is the easiest way to personalize a device. However, not everyone has great wallpapers pre-installed on their mobile phone.

There are several wallpaper apps available in the Google Play Store. These apps provide a wide array of wallpaper options. Some wallpapers are dynamic, while others are very minimalist.

Tapet is among the best wallpaper apps. It is a unique app that provides custom wallpaper based on the user’s preference. Other wallpapers are generated randomly. There is also an option that allows a one-click wallpaper change.

Another great app is Google Wallpapers. This app picks up some of the wallpapers from the Google Pixel lineup. There are other custom wallpapers available as well. The wallpapers change daily, providing a different look every day.

Samsung Android smartphone personalization

2. Custom widgets

Widgets are small features added to the home screen—the clock, calendar, Google search, and more, to name a few. These widgets add functionality to the phone.

Apps often come with widgets. Just tap the home screen for a few seconds, and an option for widgets pops up. There lie the built-in widgets included with every app installed. Fitbit, Gmail, Google Keep, and other apps all have built-in widgets.

However, the widget choices are not limited to basic functions.

There are widgets available on the Google Play Store. KWGT is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get creator that provides a whole lot of options in a personalized widget. Some KWGT creators even publish their widgets online.

3. Level up icons with custom icon packs

Icon packs are used to change the stock design of Android icons. There are several icon packs available on the Google Play Store. These icon packs sometimes come in a different shape to better fit the smartphone’s theme.

Some of the best icon packs include Whicons, which is a clean-looking icon set. Unique icon packs such as Enix totally modify the icon’s look. These icon packs include more than a thousand icons.

Users may create their own icon pack through the Icon Pack Studio. It is an icon creator for those who cannot find the perfect icon pack for their device.

4. Change the default launcher

Android launchers vary from one manufacturer to another. There are simple clean launchers such as the Google Pixel launcher. Meanwhile, MIUI and ColorOS launcher look like an iOS interface.

Launchers change the whole look of a device. A Realme smartphone, for example, may have a Pixel launcher and the interface will look like stock Android.

There are some users who want Android specs but with iOS interface. Launchers allow that change.

The best Android launcher available today is the Nova launcher. It has a lot of customization options; the limit to customization is up to the user.

Combine launchers with different icon packs and a device will look very personalized.

Android ASUS smartphone

5. Use a dark theme

Dark themes are getting better every year. Android 10 introduced a system-wide dark mode. The upcoming Android 11 is rumored to have an improved version as well.

The dark mode is not as straining to the eye as lighter themes. Dark modes even save battery if the display is AMOLED.

It works by turning off pixels that are supposed to be black. This makes the display much more vibrant and with deeper blacks.

Where to start?

Starting Android smartphone personalization is up to the user. But it is highly suggested that the change be gradual.

Users may start with simple wallpaper changes, then launchers may come next. Customization takes a lot of time—do not rush, as it works better that way.

There are a lot of options in Android smartphone personalization today. With the growing number of Android devices available in the market, customizing one’s smartphone is a great way to distinguish it from one another.

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