Fixing the iOS 14 battery drain problem will require a factory reset

Fixing the iOS 14 battery drain problem will require a factory reset

The new iOS 14 came with a battery drain problem for the Apple Watch and iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple wants users to fix the problem on their own.

Apple usually rolls out an update when problems arise in their systems. But with the new iOS 14 came problems that seem too big for Apple to solve on their own. One such issue is the battery drain problem Apple Watch and iPhone users are complaining about.

For this problem, the company wants you to manually fix the issue yourself.

The unconventional way to fix the iOS 14 battery drain problem

The battery drain issue first began when Apple released the all-new iOS 14 on September 16. While many did complain about how their devices’ batteries are easily drained,

The recent release of the iOS 14.01 update fixed several of the issues which plagued the updated OS, but not the battery drain issue as it turns out.

Now, Apple Watch and iPhone users are forced to turn to a more drastic approach to fixing the problem: a factory reset. This fix is more specific to Apple Watch users who are experiencing trouble with their health data.

Apple iPhone users can also use this fix but it could also be unnecessary and risky to do so.

The first step is to unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone. This is done using the Watch app. Doing this would create a backup of the health data in the Apple Watch to the iPhone. It would also erase all the content and settings.

Afterward, head onto the iCloud settings and ensure that the Health app is turned on for backup. When this is done, the user would have to select the iCloud Backup option and click “Backup Now” to create the backup of the Apple Watch and iPhone data.

After this comes the most painful step: resetting the device. To do this, head on to the Settings and then choose General settings. There the user will find the Reset option and choose Erase All Content and Settings. The phone is then reset back to its default settings.

The worst release ever

To say that the iOS 14 release had a few problems would be an understatement. In fact, many claims that this is the worst release Apple has ever done. Ever since Apple released the update last month, it was plagued with all sorts of problems and issues.

Among these issues are the battery drain problem, app problems and crashes, connectivity and Wi-Fi issues, keyboard stutters, and performance issues. And these problems aren’t just limited to the iPhone and Apple Watch. Even the iPadOS is riddled with the same issues.

While Apple did release the iOS 14.01 and fixed some of the issues, many problems remain. This then begs the question, “should Apple change the way iOS updates are released?”


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